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Nov 24, 2017
Hi all...
just a new mavic platinum user and yesterday i was trying take a shoot with my MPP and suddenly i lost control with MPP as the phone disconnected from MPP after the notification of interference. At that point, the battery still on 58% but i couldn't see my MPP as this flown over the hill (other mistake that i made). Already try to push RTH but there is no sign of it within 5 minutes.
I try to re-opened the dji go4 but keep rejected even i tried to restart my Phone..
I think my face already pale on that time.. My friend told me to get rush on estimate location using vehicle, but till there still no connection... on 20% MPP indicate that it'll landed (on controller) but i couldn't see as i rushing to last position of Mavic (from last aerial photo that i taken).
on the way back to original position of Take off from distance i saw that the MPP hovering on beach as the battery already at around 10%.
I am glad that the MPP crash landed after hovering on shore.. (phew.. glad not missing or landed on sea)
Would you please to share what the plan if something like this happens?? As if you noticed, at last position, Dji go 4 not recording the flight record till back to RTH.
Any advices on what you should do if you disconnected like this?? and why it doesn't record the flight plan after i lost connection.
it wont record data if their is no signal between the mavic and the controller anymore than you will get a video signal, how can it ?

RTH will initiate from the controller ONLY if you have a connection to the quad which you didnt have, Im guessing your signal lost setting in the app is set to HOVER and not RTH

You flew out of line of sight and your lucky it didnt hit someone or something, you need to better plan your flights and maintain LOS at all times.
Its bad flying like this that gives the hobby a bad name.
And please read the manual these are not should know how it works inside and out man..the people who buy these and just charge it and send it off..scares the Hell out of me..
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