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  1. O

    dji go 4 application does not connect - Help

    Hello, I have a problem: the dji go 4 application does not connect to the Drone. The command connects to my Mavic 2 pro, my Samsung S9 phone is connected with the cable to the command, the application opens but does not connect to the drone. The command remains in "OPTI MODUS" Thanks for the...
  2. N

    Mavic Air 2 Controller won't Connect to my Phone

    My Mavic Air 2 got delivered yesterday. However, when I connect my phone to the controller, the phone doesn't recognize that the controller is connected. I have attached the controller and drone to my computer and updated the firmware on both. I also have tried connecting to the controller with...
  3. S

    Mavic Air Range Problem/Question

    I wanted to do a range test with my Mavic Air. So I went to a location where there wasn’t much around me to interfere with the connection. I flew into the wind, but I only got about 3300 ft away before I started loosing connection to the drone. I even had trouble activating the return to home at...
  4. MS Eierfeile

    Access Mavic Pro storage with Android smartphone

    Hello there, I am pretty new to the forum and still a wanted to contribute something that could help others: It bothered me that I could not access the footage on the fly for example to empty my Mavic SD card or to edit footage on my Smartphone on the go. The solution came with the OTG-adapter...
  5. J

    Solution to Crystal Sky Won't Connect to Mavic Pro

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I'm just trying to help. A lot of people like me couldn't get Crystal Sky to show "connected" to the Mavic Pro RC. Lots of advice is around the site here about powering on in different ways. This didn't work for me. I stumbled on this: The usb cable...
  6. F

    Control-Phone Connection Problem

    Hi All. Im new to the Mavic Air but I had a Phantom 3 Pro for 2 years so Im not new to Dji drones. I move to de Air because the P3P was too big to take it everywhere. Yesterday I receive my new Mavic Air but I have issues with the connection to my LG G6 phone (my main phone). Looks like the...
  7. F

    Connection lost

    At a flight this evening I lost connection. RTH but didnt reconnect on the flight back. Was only approx 300m away. LED on controller turned red and stayed red. Never happened before. Phone I use has no SIM card and is only used for flying. There might have been some interference in this area but...
  8. G

    Magic Air controller resetting connection

    Hey everyone, I am having an issue where when I connect the controller via USB directly to the drone, the next time I got to use it, I have to re-connect via USB. It doesn't seem to be able to connect via wireless. Anyone else having this problem.
  9. D

    MavicPro not connecting to controller

    Hi I’ve had my Mavic Pro repaired following a crash, but when I took it out of the box, it is not connecting to the controller. Is there something I have to do to reconnect them? I didn’t have to do anything when I got it new. Many thanks DC
  10. Eddy_B

    Complete blackout on screen.

    Well, my 4th flight this year was a bit of an event. I was about 2 minutes into the flight when suddenly my screen went totally black. I've flown about 130 times now and this had never happened before. The Mavic was about 50 meters away from me but behind some trees so I couldn't see it. I...
  11. T

    iPhone 6s not connecting to controller

    I recently upgraded the DJI Go 4 app on my iphone 6S (running 10.3.3), and now it will not connect to the controller, or when it does, it will disconnect randomly every few seconds. I have made sure all software is up to date on Mavic and controller, have deleted and reinstalled the app on...
  12. L

    The remote control can't connect to the drone

    Hi A couple of weeks ago I bought a Mavic Pro. Most of the time the controller can't connect to the drone/gimbal. I use an Iphone 7 plus. With good space on it. I have tried three different cables between the phone and the controller. And both of the cable connections on the controller. The dji...
  13. S

    Lost Connection

    Hi all... just a new mavic platinum user and yesterday i was trying take a shoot with my MPP and suddenly i lost control with MPP as the phone disconnected from MPP after the notification of interference. At that point, the battery still on 58% but i couldn't see my MPP as this flown over the...
  14. Anuj

    Not connecting to Drone using Main USB port

    Hi, A newbie drone pilot here. I have a small problem. When I connect my Samsung S7 via the DJI socket the application connects to the drone and everything works fine. I recently got a Mount for myself and tried connecting the app via the main usb port. While the phone charges; the app...
  15. catshepheard

    Repaired Mavic Pro had to be re-connected

    Ok, it happened; I crashed my Mavic and had it repaired by DJI on the left-coast. After 3 weeks, the Mavic arrived. I first had problems connecting the RC. No connection so I reloaded the DJI Go 4 Android app. Had to go through the initial stuff including the Firmware. Now it's connecting. Next...
  16. M

    Lake drowning - and next steps

    Unfortunately the mavic got fully submerged in a local fresh water lake I was filming on - user error - Next steps - I did Stuck it in rice for 3 days and got it to turn back on. However, now the RC does not want to connect to mavic, shows its forever connecting - and also the gimbal is...
  17. B

    Remote controller did not connecting to mavic pro!

    Hello everyone, i updated mavic pro and then remote control not connetcing mavic pro. what am i supposed to do? thank you..
  18. K

    Mavic new Pilot, Few problems and questions....

    Hello Everyone I'm obviously a new Mavic Pilot, and new on this forum and I have few questions and problem around it, I try to find my answer on this amazing website but I didn't : - I can not connect my Iphone with a regular Iphone cable via the classic usb under the remote, It will be perfect...
  19. J

    LG G5 Can't connect to RC and Mavic

    Anyone else using an LGG5 for their drones? I am unable to connect to the mavic via the DJI GO app. The app works fine, but the "How to Connect" button doesn't change to "Camera" when the device is plugged in the RC and everything is turned on. Tried different usb cables, no dice. Tried to...