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  1. C

    Leeming LUTs now available

    Been waiting for this... Paul Leeming has now released his technically accurate rec.709 LUTs for the mini 3 (normal and Cinelike). Finally a correct, accurate setup I can use to match with all my other cameras and drones...
  2. M

    Air 2S DLOG to Rec2020 LUT?

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone could recommend a DLOG to REC2020 or REC2100 (not REC709) LUT that would enable me to have a base colour profile for the Air 2S in 10bit/DLOG mode? Many Thanks
  3. E

    CineLike LUT for the Mini 3 Pro?

    Anyone have any LUTs they feel like sharing?
  4. C

    Question about low light/nighttime video settings

    Hey guys, I've heard a lot of things about filming at night, one is we should film in 24fps with 1/50 shutter speed. I usually film things at night with ISO 1600. Color profile is Dlog instead of normal. But here comes a problem: Dlog seems to be more noisy than normal, after I apply the LUT...
  5. B

    technical transforms for easier colour correction or viewing of flat or log DJI footage

    Hey guys, I am a professional colourist and colour scientist who is also a owner of a Mavic Pro 2 (formerly Mavic Air, formerly Spark ;)) When grading my own footage I always struggled as the transfer curves and the gamut (the fidelity of the colours) are not really mathematically documented...
  6. m80116

    Grading it Old school with Movie Studio

    Hello... fellow Mavic Mini pilot here. Grading my footage I've quickly found out that... while I'd truly like to apply LUTs to my videos, I probably couldn't find anything universal that could suit my mood, my scenes, lights and so on. So I resort to manual everything instead. As for the...
  7. M

    Mavic Air - Best Color Grade Software for Flat looking footage?

    I have been loving my mavic air after having it for a week or two, but one thing that I am having trouble with is the color grading. I learnt to shoot in D-Cinelike, with a really soft picture profile, Something like 0, -2, -3. Problem is, when I go to color grade, which I thought would be...
  8. A

    Ground Control LUTs not working

    Hey so I'm new to drones and editing footage so, I'm having this weird issue and I don't know if I'm causing it or if its the LUTs themselves but I bought the GC Falcon2 LUT pack and most of the LUTs aren't changing the Lumetri or the Histogram, I've tried them with different shots but they...
  9. O

    Mavic Pro Luts

    Here's some luts for those people who's in need of luts. I've made a collection of the 3 best luts that I prefer. Mavic Pro D-Log LUT - Film Poets Education ColorFinal This one is for Mavic Pro and Air PURE Straight up realistic look
  10. P

    LUT Packs

    Hi Guys, I have been doing some research into LUT's for quite some time now. I found a lot of different packs, both free and paid. Because there are so many it's hard for me to make a choice. For example groundcontrol has a few: Drone LUTs I'm looking for a LUT pack that has just the basics...
  11. Shawn3D

    How To Get EPIC Professional Looking Cinematic Footage From Your Dji Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro

    Hey Guys, read this extremely useful post to help you with a few tips and tricks to getting your footage looking great. Highly recommended... ARTICLE HERE
  12. JoostGT3

    Color grading in Premiere Elements

    So, the other day was a perfect spring day, and I found the perfect spot to fly; for the first time, I took the time to set the video properties with post-processing in mind; put the whitebalance to "Sunny" and the profile to D-Cinelike. But then when I arrived home, I learnt that apparently it...
  13. B

    Finally got good D-Log Color Correction

    I've had my Mavic Pro Platinum for around 3 weeks and I've been playing with it non-stop. Best toy ever! However, I had been struggling getting my D-Log footage to look correct. By "correct" I mean as it appears to the naked eye. With a huge amount of work I was able to get semi-descent...
  14. B

    Sharing some Neat Video noise profiles

    I have been working on some LUTs and noise profiles for Neat Video and was looking for an appropriate place to share them with the community. Are file attachments in the forum here acceptable (I'll start with some noise profiles)?
  15. topdetop

    Islay in Scotland from the Sky - Mavic/D-log/Polarpro LUT

    Hi guys, I would welcome your comments on this video I shot after a few flights with my new birds in Scotland. Shot in D-log, 4K, post on Adobe Premiere Pro with PolarPro Aurora LUT and a few tweaks. or Thanks all Marc
  16. Digitaldias

    LUT for D-Log

    Hi all! I have been looking up tutorials on color corrections for the Mavic Pro and one that came in highly recommended, named "GroundControl_D-Log_to_709_LUT-2017" is made specifically for the Mavic AFTER they re-introduced D-Log (using D-Log -1, -3, -3 in the when filming) I find that it...
  17. mysticgnarwhal

    PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Presets - LUT Comparison

    I haven't seen many videos out there comparing the Aurora LUTs offered by PolarPro. I decided to purchase them and I did a comparison of all 12 presets. I used the same clips for all the different LUTs for comparison. I also used a PolarPro ND/8-PL filter for these samples. What does...
  18. G

    LUTs - Pease help me understand if am I thinking correctly?

    Hi, I am trying to understand all this LUTs, styles, settings etc. I did watch a bunch of video tutorials, and pretty much each says something different and it all is just confusing. As far as I understand you need to apply correct LUT to your footage as d-log from mavic is different from...