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CineLike LUT for the Mini 3 Pro?

One thing i would say there is the blue has shifted a lot to the green (look at the sky and the pools). The greens etc look ok but the blue shift is quite noticeable.
You don't need a LUT for D-Cinelike. You just need to bring down your shadows, lift your highlights a little and add a bunch of saturation

LOG footage needs LUT's. D-Cinelike isn't LOG
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You need more than that if you're after rec.709 accuracy.
I have been using a free lut from NoamKroll for a few weeks - I got it here Download My Free GH4 Cine-D LUT Here! Plus, Why I'm Not Using The New GH4 Supertone Settings - Noam Kroll, although not designed for DJI it was designed for cine-d and worked pretty well. This morning I found this one EDITA el D-CINELIKE 10Bits de tu DJI MINI 3 PRO en SEGUNDOS + LUT GRATIS - YouTube - and although I don't speak the language I worked out that the link for the Lut is MINI 3 PRO LUT D-CINELIKE Los Videos de Felix ( and the password to open the zip is "megustanlosvideosdefelix" - it's a little dark, but once lightened up the colours look pretty nice. I've just finished my first youtube video using it 5am Over Englefield House so you can see what you think. Here's one I did yesterday with the NoamKroll free one... Flying over the Downs - Ashdown Farm 11th June 2022 as a comparison.
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Hello fellow Reading (ish) person. I'm in Wargrave just up the road.
Nope. Just outside of the NFZ. I do have to keep an eye out though as small aircraft are all over the place.
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Video looks great, just FYI you've got a typo in the title of it (Readi*i*ng) ... might stop people finding it if they search
Perfect thanks for the spot, all fixed. Trouble with editing til 12:30am then starting again at 6:30am before work lol

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