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  1. E

    CineLike LUT for the Mini 3 Pro?

    Anyone have any LUTs they feel like sharing?
  2. seat108

    Wave Angels Oregon Coast -- All opinions appreciated

    I think that we can all agree, friends and family cannot be trusted for constructive criticism. This thread is a great idea. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. This is one of my first videos, I almost didn't stop the car but the sunset was perfect, no airports within 20 miles, B4UFly...
  3. Rhysg412

    Rapeseed Crop Field Edit - Mavic Pro 4k Footage

    Hi all, I drove past a rapeseed field yesterday on my way home and thought it would make for a cool video.. let me know what you think.. My Insta: Instagram: DJI_Rhys - Mavic Pro Drone 4K
  4. JoostGT3

    Color grading in Premiere Elements

    So, the other day was a perfect spring day, and I found the perfect spot to fly; for the first time, I took the time to set the video properties with post-processing in mind; put the whitebalance to "Sunny" and the profile to D-Cinelike. But then when I arrived home, I learnt that apparently it...
  5. treygeiger

    First edit: winter flying in Canada (Toronto Area)

    Hi guys - my wife surprised me with a MP for Xmas and it's such an amazing piece of technology! Despite the cold temps (-15C) I've found a few opportunities to play around with some cool shots and made my first basic edit. For anyone interested please feel free to have a look! I am just getting...
  6. S

    My first experience with Neat Video

    Hey all, I've owned a Mavic for a couple weeks and haven't gotten to fly it nearly as much as I'd like...but isn't that always the case? Anywho this is a quick edit of my flight from yesterday (there's no sound or music). Here's the details: Shot in Cinema 4K 24fps at ISO100 with an ND8...
  7. T

    Low-light flying over a Finnish medieval cathedral and old town, long pan

    Tried out a long pan around a medieval cathedral in the evening. Thins got a bit noisy in the darkest scenes, but the lighter ones were quite ok. Added the texts to try out the motion tracking -feature in Premiere Elements 15.
  8. L

    Premiere Pro Really Slow on my Mac Book Pro

    I used Premiere years ago on the PC but have been using iMovie for simple home stuff the last few years once I switched to Mac. I recently purchased the DJI Mavic Pro and want to start using a more professional system so subscribed Premiere Pro CC. I have a late 2013 Mac Book Pro with Intel...
  9. D

    DRONE VIDEO.. 2016 Videos from PHANTOM 3 to MAVIC

    Made a short compilation video of all the drone footage I've taken this year. These drones can do amazing things and I can't wait to see what else i can film this year. Let me know what you guys think!