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mini 3

  1. O

    DJI Mini 3 with DJI Screen RC and Litchi

    Hello all, It has been around 3 years since I lost my DJI Mini 1 in a swamp and I am just getting back into the hobby after purchasing a Mini 3 (non pro) with the DJI RC w/ screen. I understand that the DJI Fly app is built into the controller and does not require a smart phone to be...
  2. M

    Mini 3 Koh Tao, Thailand

    Manual vertical panorama, 22 shots
  3. R

    New from east tn anyone around the Kingsport area

    Hey from East tn anyone fly around the Kingsport area. Also replaced a ribbon cable which should have fixed my mini 3 navigation error unable to take off and the gps module and everything else looks perfect I put it in atti mode on adv Parmats and flew but still won’t pick up satellites do I...

    Panorama Issues with Mini 3 :(

    one of the reason was to get the drone to have a great high quality panorama and as easy done like with the old Mavic Air but seems like lately DJI makes everything difficult :( the issues 1. ending up with separate RAW files and could not find a software yet to stitch those together 2...
  5. C

    My Mini 3 almost had a crash doing RTH

    I was flying my drone deep inside a forest, tree branches at the top. I am flying visual, line of sight. All of a sudden it says battery got 10 min left and it begins auto *ascent* to fly home. Since the Mini 3 (not Pro) have no upward sensor, it could have hit some branches at the top of the...
  6. K

    Mini 2, mini 3 or 3 pro?

    Hi. I'm new here and to drones altogether. I'm a photographer and I'm thinking about getting a drone for photography (I'm not interested in videos). Should I spend more and buy mini 3pro or will mini 3 (or even mini 2?) be sufficient? Please help, I'm torn.
  7. D

    Can you use Dji RC pro controller with mini 3?(not pro)

    I was wondering if you can use the RC pro with the standard mini 3 not the pro. I see that now you can use the pro controller with the mini 3 pro but any one know if you can use it with just the mini 3?
  8. L

    DJI mini 3 (non pro) Max flight altitude in India ?

    I'm curious about the maximum flight altitude of the DJI Mini 3 (Non Pro) in India, but I haven't been able to find any information online. I've heard that the DJI Mini 3 Pro had a recent update that increased its max flight altitude to 500 meters. However, I'm unsure about the max flight...
  9. C

    Demo video when going into Timelapse etc

    Is there a way to stop seeing that Demi video thing when ever you select Timelapse? Maybe other things as well but I’m in Timelapse excitement and go to that a lot. It shows a video of a mou rain or something. I’d like to say “never show again” somehow.
  10. C

    Hyperlaps - abrupt ends

    This may be a feature request, or someone can tell me if it’s possible or have a trick. I quite enjoy doing 10sec hyperlaps. I just learned about it. Cool feature. But they end so abruptly. That is, the drone does the waypoints and then ends. So I need to fade out. Or it looks mince. Is...
  11. F

    Problems uploading flight records

    I'm trying to upload the flight records for my Mini 3 Pro using the DJI RC. I just enabled "Auto-sync Flight Records" and connected the RC to wifi but when I go to the Flight Data Centre and click upload most of the records update but then it reports "54 flight records not uploaded". I've...
  12. Henchula

    Mini 3 A Few from today and yesterday

  13. Henchula

    Mini 3 Nature vs Concrete video

    Hey people, Here's some footage I shot with the mini 3 pro, edited together and added some tracked text into it. Have a great day!
  14. C

    Seeking help and advice on panning jitter/shake / wobble on Mini 3 Pro

    I'm new to the Mini 3, and did a quick flight over a road. I notice that when I pan left to right or right to left, it kinda, jitters. Seems to go, stop, go, stop every 200ms or so. I'm running in Auto, ISO is 100, 25fps. No filter. Is there a way to get panning to be less jittery? Forward...
  15. R

    South American drone reg’s?

    In a couple of months I’ll me taking my Mini 3 Pro all around S. America. Anyone familiar w. drone reg’s there? Any advice greatly appreciated!!
  16. J

    Watching marine life - which drones work best?

    Hi all, new to drones but I am particularly interested in using it to spot marine life such as whales and sharks around where I live and whilst travelling. I am aware of regulations around how close you can fly to these animals so I am wondering what zoom capabilities I will require. The mini 3...
  17. C

    Mini 3 Sunset Moment

  18. S

    Mini 3 ICELAND - DJI MINI PRO 3 - Did it pass the high wind test?

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to present to you my first film with the Mini pro 3, it has been such a thrill flying it last week - I'm impressed by the output for such a small drone. It held pretty well the harsh wind of Iceland - Not all the time but most of it :) Hope you'll enjoy it.
  19. Raziel

    Hello all from Poland, 🇵🇱 Tychy

    Hi Pilots I am fresh new pilot of Mini 3 Pro ( RC-N1). Before this drone I pilot ZLRC Beast SG906 PRO for about 1 year. Now its completely different story with this mini drone . New life begins :) I came here to get experience and also share my own experience with you 👍.
  20. B

    DJI Mini 3 Pro tumbles into the ocean

    @sar104 Hi guys, I need some help. I really love the new DJI mini 3 pro but I have been pretty unlucky with it. On a recent trip to Iceland it developed a gimbal problem and they were terrible vibrations while shooting videos. It showed “gimbal overload message” all the time. The DJI replaced...