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magnetic interference

  1. C

    Magnetic Interfence with Compass

    Hey guys, I’ve had my Mavic Air for about a month and it’s worked great so far and have only had to calibrate the compass about 3-4 times. Last weekend I took it to the beach for the first time and tried to fly it but the compass kept saying there was magnetic interference. I just got an...
  2. V

    Mavic and salt flats

    Hi - long time reader, first time poster. I will be heading to the Bolivian salt flats soon, with my Mavic Pro, and yesterday I met a couple who had recently been there. They said that I should be careful when flying my mavic out there because “the salt messes with the magnetic field and...
  3. Duck Rogers

    Magnetic interference

    Hi All, I bought a Mavic Pro last week in the US and made a couple of test flights without issues. I flew back to Argentina and now when I turn on the drone I get a Strong Magnetic Interference warning. I tried to calibrate both indoors and outdoors (public park, on grass with no metal around)...
  4. R

    Switching between Normal and Sport mode in flight.

    Hey guys, I had an early experience with this when my MP flew into a branch and then fell in a puddle of water. I took off in Normal mode. I was manually tracking a quad-bike. It got away from me slightly so I switched into Sport mode to catch up. I had it in LOS, although at some distance away...
  5. Brian_MavicPro

    Another Compass Calibration, Seriously?

    My Mavic Air seems to require a compass calibration each time I fly. Indoors, seems to be mostly normal but outdoors is another story. I fly in rural areas over forest, lakes, waterfalls. Today I launched from a frozen lake. My Mavic Air needed the usual compass calibration dance (3X) and my DJI...