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Jan 20, 2018
Hi - long time reader, first time poster.

I will be heading to the Bolivian salt flats soon, with my Mavic Pro, and yesterday I met a couple who had recently been there.

They said that I should be careful when flying my mavic out there because “the salt messes with the magnetic field and causes a compass error,” which they believe caused their “Mavic Air to drop out of the sky”

I didn’t get to press them on their level of experience but they didn’t fill me with total confidence.

I’ve searched for threads on mavics and salt flats and not found anything cautionary. I can’t even find anything solid regarding salt flats and magnetic fields.

I’ve had compass errors thrown at me during flight before and managed to land safely. Although, I have seen crazy stuff (like flyaways) so I understand this could be an issue.

I’m comfortable with a hand take off and landing so I don’t plan on getting any salt in / on the unit.

Still, I’d like to be cautious, so my question is:
1. can salt flats cause a compass error on the mavic pro?

And finally since we’re here - any other salt flat pro tips or filter recommendations are very welcome

can salt flats cause a compass error on the mavic pro?
No. A magnetic metal object within a few feet of the Mavic could cause a problem though.
Salt causing a magnetic issue? Don't know how.

I've flown my Mavic at the Bonneville Salt Flats without any issues. Friend flew his Mavic there as well. No issues.

I'd recommend using manual settings if it is a sunny day. The white salt really screws up auto settings.
I don't know of magnetic issues caused by salt, but you may need a high value ND filter for video. Salt flats can be as bright as snow.
If you mean the Altiplano it's quite possible - apparently the underlying geology is largely volcanic which is classic magnetic field disturbance stuff.

"Associated rock(s): Area is largely surrounded by and in part or wholly
underlain by Cenozoic volcanic rocks, largely andesitic in composition.
Variable amounts of Pre-Quaternary continental sedimentary and volcano-aedimentary deposits are also present in the drainage area, as well as minor amounts of Pre-Tertiary rocks.
Ore mineralogy: halite, ulexite, brine, sylvite; possibly Cu, Au, Ag."
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