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compass error

  1. J

    Can someone please help? My mavic pro won't stop shaking when I start to fly it.

    It won't fly without shaking for some reason I have already tried calibrating the imu and compass, but nothing I bought it second hand so I cannot send it to dji. Anyone know about this problem or know a fix?
  2. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  3. T

    Severe MP Platinum crash

    Hi pilots, a while back I was on a climbing excursion in a massive cave. Making a b-roll shot entering the cave I lost GPS signal leading to me crashing the drone into the cave wall. The gimbal took a hit and at first I got the Gimbal motor overload message which I fixed (I believe) with the...
  4. H

    Compass error in the mountains

    Hi guys. Today flew on a small everest. I wanted to shoot a video as we ride. But could not shoot the video. The drone gives a compass error. Calibration does not help. What can be done in a hotel in the mountains? And why did this error occur?
  5. Alvaro_Rom

    Problems with the stability of the hang of the drone.

    Hello everybody. Help me deal with the problem. Sorry for my English. Today I flew to the UK to my friends. We wanted to shoot a video from a drone. I launched the drone and the drone began to behave strangely. The drone can not hang at one point, a compass error appeared 2 times, the drone went...
  6. A

    Arctic compass issues DJI drones

    HI - I'm posting here in part because its gotten harder to search for this issue due to the "Arctic White" models. My issue is flying in North Greenland - we're well above the magnetic pole. I'm currently using a Mavic Pro, and have the same issue many working this far north do. The compass...
  7. M

    Compass error after repair

    Hello pilots. My drone crashed. Has broken back beams. I made repairs myself. There was a problem. Now, after take-off, the compass error always appears. Where to look for the problem? What to do? Advise
  8. L

    Compass Error - Crash

    Yesterday while flying my MPP, on a nice long roundabout route, I experienced a compass error and then a crash. I was out in a ballfield and had flown approximately 4000 feet away at about 380 feet high. I got down to about 40% battery and hit the RTH button. I had flown a little in sport mode...
  9. V

    Mavic and salt flats

    Hi - long time reader, first time poster. I will be heading to the Bolivian salt flats soon, with my Mavic Pro, and yesterday I met a couple who had recently been there. They said that I should be careful when flying my mavic out there because “the salt messes with the magnetic field and...
  10. J

    Compass error, Yaw error, IMU error and so on.

    Hi When i fly my Mavic Pro last night i got a lot of compass error, GPS error, Yaw error, IMU error and even "Weak GPS Signal", but it was connected to 23 satellites, so it should not be weak/bad GPS-signal. What could the reason be for all this errors? I landed the Mavic and restarted it and...
  11. W

    Compass error after yawing 360deg

    Hello everyone, I bought Mavic Pro a week ago and didn't have a single successful flight yet. I keep getting "Compass Error. Exit P-GPS mode..." error. Both compasses are working and are calibrated in an open field. (tested by putting metal thing to compasses - both react as they should). I...
  12. A

    Compass error almost every flight - ATTI mode usually for 10-120 sec, then OK

    Hi! I’ve had my MPP for about a month, and on almost every flight I’ve had a compass error which results in gps error (?) and ATTI mode is enabled. I believe the two compasses (redundancy) sends different data to the drone, which then cannot for sure know its precise location and also disables...
  13. Brian_MavicPro

    Another Compass Calibration, Seriously?

    My Mavic Air seems to require a compass calibration each time I fly. Indoors, seems to be mostly normal but outdoors is another story. I fly in rural areas over forest, lakes, waterfalls. Today I launched from a frozen lake. My Mavic Air needed the usual compass calibration dance (3X) and my DJI...
  14. M

    Compass error - Go to Atti mode. The obstruction of the horizon.

    Hello everybody. Help me. After take-off, a compass error appears. (I fly in different places - forest, field, city). Always the same. About 2 minutes after take-off, the compass error appears. The calibration does not help. What to do? Help please advice. I think my compasses are magnetized.
  15. D

    Mavic Pro Compass1 Compass2 Disconnected Repair

    THESE ARE HARDWARE FAULTS AND YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE FAILED COMPASS PCB compass2 replacement... YOU NEED GOOD TOOLS AND A GOOD FINE TIPPED SOLDERING IRON TO DO THIS. After a year with my Mavic Pro, I began to get compass errors and looking through (DJI Go 4 App) Main Controller Settings ->...
  16. U

    Speed error

    Couple of days ago my Mavic issued Speed error and as visible from the log also Yaw error and Compass error in a short period of time at the beginning of the flight. It felt like it was drifting uncontrollably for couple of seconds. Then everything came back to normal and there were no more...
  17. R

    How can I ever trust her again?

    OK that's a bit dramatic, but I am now reluctant to fly my Mavic. Here is the lineage of events leading up to this. So I sent my mavic back for the second time for a camera/focus issue. Both times DJI said that they repaired the camera and gimbal for a cost of $175 which they warranteed...
  18. D

    Weak GPS signal, was it my fault?

    Unusually we've been having a lot of sunshine in the UK and I thought I'd make a sun hood to sit on my iPhone6 when attached to the Mavic controller. It's just a rectangle of thin black card about 4" high with a cut out at the bottom for my fingers. I thought I was really clever, but for the...
  19. baweber

    Mavic is now useless

    Using latest software - My drone is unusable at this time - seems to get worse every time I use it. I now get almost constant warning messages - including "Disconnected" when Mavic and controller are within 50 feet! It is impossible to rely on the video as well as it is completely garbled...
  20. Tanis

    Compass error: Move aircraft or calibrate compass

    Everything is working great on my new Mavic. I have reset the IMU and compass. Issue is everytime I go into Sport mode I get "Compass error: Move aircraft or calibrate compass", this only happens when flying at max speed. Has this happen to anyone else? If yes, what was the fix?