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Compass error almost every flight - ATTI mode usually for 10-120 sec, then OK


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Jan 25, 2018
Tønsberg, Norway
I’ve had my MPP for about a month, and on almost every flight I’ve had a compass error which results in gps error (?) and ATTI mode is enabled. I believe the two compasses (redundancy) sends different data to the drone, which then cannot for sure know its precise location and also disables GPS MODE, even though the GPS sensors/data are just fine. I don't know if this is true, it is just my gestimate after reading online and how I understand the problem... I do have full controll of the drone all the time without any stick input errors, but it’s obviously drifting without gps location, so this could become a problem if it it would happen in close quarters... I have calibrated the compass and IMU in several places (middle of old soccer field, other fields etc) successfully before the errors happen. The errors only happened mid air pretty high up (30-100 meters / 100-300 ft), never closer to the ground or close to electrical / metal objects (eg cars, cables, takeoff/landing). The problem can happen several times in one flight. I believe one time it never regained GPS MODE so I had to land in ATTI MODE, I my memory serves me correctly...

I’ve read several other posts about this calibration error, and mine seems similar in several ways. I updated the Mavic with the latest updates when i got it 3-4 weeks ago, and there are no new firmware update. I always wait for “gps mode” before takeoff. I’ve calibrated several times successfully but problem reappears. Never crashed etc. I’m in souh of Norway if that matters (northern lattittude).

What can I do to fix the problem?

Thank you in advance for trying to help me :)
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I have no idea how the new firmwares work nowadays since my firmware is pretty ancient ;) but the redundancy of compass is a weird thing on the mavic, pretty stupid actually.
It's possible that 1 of your compasses is faulty. The Mav uses rear compass as default. You could stick a good size metal object (big washer or something) on the back of the mavic where the compass is located to force front compass only, see this:
Mavic Pro Battery Mod
So you can rule out one or another. If not sure just send it back. Although you have control over the drone it's a matter of time the compass error will trigger something worse. For GPS mode you need GPS+ 1 compass so it knows what to do.
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Maclak: Thanks for your input. Yes, I am also worried the error will result in further malfunctions as I have read from users losing control of the sticks as well...
I think I posted this in another thread, but it may be worthwhile reposting since DJI never fixed the compass issues aside from twisting the rear motor wires early on.

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