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atti mode

  1. Excel

    Lower speed in ATTI mode

    Hello everyone! First of all, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. I have tweaked my Mavic to enter ATTI mode from the controller because I want to fly indoors to take some detail photographs of a column (height=15 meters). My problem is that the drone stills moves too fast when I push the...
  2. D

    DJI Mini 3 ATTI mode crash

    HI My DJI mini 3 Pro crashed at launch, basically it flew into trees. I received a response from DJI as based on flight records as follows: 1. The GPS signal was weak after the aircraft took off, the aircraft enter Atti mode at T=00:10; 2. Flight Time T=00:13, Relative Height H=18 m, the...
  3. iReviewFrozenDinners

    Enabling ATTI/manual mode for Mini or Air 2 through DJI Assistant?

    Hi everyone, I know that there is a way to enable debug in the desktop DJI Assistant app and be able to change some parameters to essentially make either Cinematic/Tripod or Sport mode into Atti/manual for some models like the Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom, but I was wondering if anybody has...
  4. J

    Ceiling restriction on indoor flight

    Hi Dears, I have a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and I use it for indoor flight. When the GPS signal is weak, my drone operates in OPTI mode. But, after taking off, when it is moving up, its ceiling is limited by software around 3.5 meters. So I turn off "Enable Vision Positioning" and flight mode...
  5. D

    ATTI mode for Phantom 4 and Phantom 3

    The Phantom 4 can be deliberately flown in ATTI mode - correct? And can - or cannot - the Phantom 3? Forgive me for asking but I seem to be getting mixed information. Thx.
  6. N

    Near loss in Atti mode (flyaway)

    Problem? Not sure why it switched out of GPS mode into ATTI mode after pressing RTH button Was unit in a crash? no What have you tried so far?: reading about ATTI Mode What device are you using? ipad mini 4 What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app...
  7. A

    Compass error almost every flight - ATTI mode usually for 10-120 sec, then OK

    Hi! I’ve had my MPP for about a month, and on almost every flight I’ve had a compass error which results in gps error (?) and ATTI mode is enabled. I believe the two compasses (redundancy) sends different data to the drone, which then cannot for sure know its precise location and also disables...
  8. M

    New pilot questions: wind stability and gpsHealth

    Hey everyone, I‘m the proud owner of a new DJI Mavic Pro. I‘ve taken it on a few test flights and I'm still learning the in an outs of this jewel. I've read the manual forward and backwards, watched tutorial videos and lurked on several forums (this one seems to be the my favorite so far!). I...
  9. G

    What are "polar areas"?

    According to the Mavic Manual, flights in P-mode in "polar areas" are not possible (page 50). I was flying in northern Finland and experienced quite frequent drops from GPS to Atti mode in mid flight, and GPS was not recovered for 1-2 minutes - quite scary. Analysing the log files, I noticed GPS...
  10. Annevanzwol

    Just curious. Has the sudden loss of GPS mode been resolved

    last night I read some troubling posts about people suddenly loosing GPS mode despite having like 15 satellites. Has this issue been resolved in the latest firmware?
  11. A

    Atti Mode Drift Crash

    Have posted files here in hope to understand, more granularly, what happened to me. After thirty flights from this same location and manual take-offs, the A/C dropped out of Opti GPS into Atti Mode and rapidly move away in a no wind situation. Estimate that it was all over in about 12 seconds...
  12. S

    Mavic goes into ATTI mode a lot, but HD says my GPS fix is good...

    Newbie drone flier here. Did my 3rd flight today, and tested out a few features. I noticed that throughout the flight I got random "ATTI mode" warnings, that lasted 10-30 sec approx. Seamed worse initially, so I assumed that it was due to the GPS almanac updating, and that it did not have a...