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Lucky escape from singal lost

DJI have no way to tell anything about your flying (unless you've chosen to upload your flight data to their server).
Not only that, DJI couldn't care where/when/why/how you flew.

We know ... you're never going to post the data from your recent incident, are you?
This presumption about my reluctance to share flight data is partially correct, Meta4. When I eventually succeed in extracting my crashed Mavic Pro Platinum's flight logs from deep in the labyrinthine recesses of my iPad Mini, I would prefer to convey those details for your learned scrutiny via a private channel rather than posting them here in this public forum.

The reason for my reticence about open disclosure is that in Third World countries such as the one in which I fly my drone, rules, and regulations are frequently changed abruptly and without notice, whereby the long-range Litchi waypoint missions I routinely launch could go from being permissible to verboten overnight and without warning. In such a scenario, my published GPS coordinates could lead unwanted, bribe-seeking visitors directly to my door.

Compounding my predicament is the sad truth that my knowledge about locating specific data in computers is abysmal, meaning I typically wind up resorting to hit-and-miss guesswork when conducting data searches whose procedures are unfamiliar to me from previous experience.
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