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  1. T

    Sudden Gimbal movements

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great start into 2022! I have noticed something weird with my Mavic Air2 several times now. I've had it for half a year now and never crashed or dropped it. Since last month, the gimbal sometimes suddenly tilts down while flying backwards. I will try to attach...
  2. JakeRobinson

    UPDATED! Studied, videos, My first flight/crash... and now I'm gun-shy to fly

    So, I bought a used (uncrashed) M2Z with flymore and other accessories about 10 days ago. I resisted the urge to put on my "cowboy hat" and wing it (i know - poor pun) but instead, I watched many "how to" YT vids on how to fly the zoom. Read many articles about it... I paid attention to many...
  3. T

    Help...Mavic went haywire and ignored my controller, crashing somewhere out of reach

    Hi guys, My Mavic Pro crashed last week on the edge of a cliff out of reach for anyone. Everything was going according to plan, until I softly hit forward for less than half second, to brake from a backwards panning I was doing. It didn't stop there, and kept pushing forward on its own. I...
  4. A

    Jittery Video...Please Help!

    My Mavic Pro consistently produces jittery video (the live feed while flying as well as the recorded video). I have tried all that I can think of to fix this issue without success. Is this drone defective, or am I doing something wrong on my end. I shoot in manual, 4k at 30 fps, a shutter speed...
  5. outstanda

    Mavic gimbal error / slowly moving picture, bad horizon

    I'm getting really upset. This is my SECOND mavic, they sent me this as replacement for the first one with gimbal shake error, and this has gimbal errors too! I had Mavic for 2 months now, and all is has is that sending packages, waiting for service (2 weeks), waiting for replacement drone...
  6. 3

    Sending my Mavic back before even flying it

    My experience so far... After a long wait I finally got my Mavic Pro, after checking out the tutorials and practicing on the simulator I decided to finally fly it. Turned on the drone to start my flight and I was greeted with two lovely messages " Talked to their online support and they asked...
  7. N

    Mid air malfunctions poll

    Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for my Mavic (should have it on Monday or Tuesday supposedly), but in the mean time I've been browsing this forum. I've seen a few posts about sudden loss of control in the air.. things like: •unexpected ATTI mode, sudden loss of satellites •someone said they had...