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mavic 2 pro & mavic 2 zoom

  1. christopherg98

    Mavic 2 Pro Night Time, Landing issue. Refuses to land manually or RTH.

    Last night I used my Mavic 2 Pro with full battery and when attempting to land manually the drone would turn on landing lights and stopped about 5 feet above the landing zone, I attempted to land with manual controls and the drone kept "bouncing" back up a couple inches each time I would attempt...
  2. D

    10 Sunny Days - a short vacation video

    This is a short Vacation video. Not a travel video 10 days spent with the family and friends in Bulgaria, more specific Sveti Vlas. A short montage from what i filmed with the Mavic 2 Pro and GoPro Hero7 (as my Osmo Action did not arrive in time). I've made a passion from chasing boats...
  3. kwilliams6045

    Mavic 2 Pro losing connection.

    I have a Mavic 2 Pro and for some reason, it keeps showing disconnected even though I’m only a few hundred feet away. I have a Zoom and it does not have the issue when flown in the same location. This has happened to my Pro in two separate locations. Any ideas?
  4. T

    Mavic 2 Pro Flying in the Swiss Alps: Grindelwald

    Pretty cool sights, though the clouds do obscure some of the views:
  5. Z

    Mavic 2 Cinematic Sequence & FREE Prizes - Collab!

    Got a chance to do some filming and flying with Kelly from Ready Set Drone. Put together a pretty cool cinematic sequence. There's also a chance to win some free stuff. Check it out below: Mavic 2 Cinematic Sequence & FREE Prizes - Collab! [4K] Which clip was your favorite?