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  1. Daniel Boavida

    Air 2 Family Fun

    Hello everybody. It's been a while since we posted a video. Well we were a little busy. Things in life...Our last adventure passes through Terras de Setúbal, namely Sesimbra, Serra da Arrábida among others. It was another spectacular family adventure where we shared the best moments.Greetings to all
  2. B

    Dji sent me a replacement drone is it brand new or refurbished?

    I sent my Mavic for a gimbal repair under warranty and dji sent me a different unit back. The one I got sent had all the stickers on to suggest it’s brand new. The one I sent was pristine in every way other than the gimbal was acting up (never crashed) the replacements serial number...
  3. J

    Why is my RAW image grainy?

    Hi all, I’m new to the scene here and have just started shooting in RAW for post. However, when I have brought them onto my iPad, the images are really grainy, as you can see attached. As far as I’m aware, the ISO was at 100 and I did not have any filter on the lens. I am unable to see how to...
  4. E

    Polar Pro ND PL Filter

    I know a lot has been asked about filters and I understand how they generally work but have one question for polarised filters. I have bought an Nd4/PL and just wonder if the polariser effect works in all lights and not just low light? Can I just lower the exposure and get the same affects in...
  5. M

    Iceland - Mavic 2 Pro

    Check out my video from Iceland!
  6. C

    Mavic 2 Vinyl Cut File - By Cyrusthevirus

    Hello my friends! I am pleased to upload my final vinyl cut file for the mavic 2 pro/zoom I was completely unable to find a full working vinly cut file with complete coverage that was free. so i've done the work and made it free for everyone. I've uploaded several file types to allow more...
  7. krodgerson

    Using Hudl tablet as screen. Problems with DJI Go4

    I have a Tesco Hudl tablet which I used with DJI Go when I had an Inspire 1 BUT I now have a Mavic 2Pro and I can't get the DJI Go4 APP to work with it. I always get the message "Unfortunately DJI GO 4 has stopped" when I try to open it on the Hudl. I've tried reloading but the same thing...
  8. MikeC

    Alaskan September

    Our fall was fantastic up here:
  9. unteam

    Mavic 2 pro 10Bit HDR

    on 8bit tv its more dark than must be, i dont know how fix it on youtube.
  10. C

    Back leg hinge scraping

    Running into this issue where my back left leg hinge area sounds like its scraping something as I am folding/unfolding it. I inspected it noticed the scrape marks. Curious to know if anyone else is having this problem and if its worth even worrying about. I bought from Bestbuy so wondering if...
  11. R

    Thoughts on hacking Mavic 2 NFZ/HEIGHT/SPEED...

    Everyone knows the M2P M2Zoom are much advanced models compared to M1P. However, the M1P is still the only choice if you want to modify it to unlock the height/NFZ restrictions. So here is the question: is it possible that someone will soon come up with a solution for removing NFZ and...
  12. robmulally

    Mavic 2 Hand Catch (Zoom)

    Guys, Decided to film my first flight, I got the Mavic 2 Zoom and Pro but this was just the zoom. Pro still in box. I wanted to see if anything different. Feels like the YAW is slower out of the box with the Mavic 2, I don't like to play with settings and like to fly most products (or...
  13. R

    Supposed Leak video of Mavic 2

    LOL this guy did a really good job, it's exactly what I expect it to be like with a few tiny exceptions. Hats off to him. *** if it's real.... Rob