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  1. morgan_civ

    Odd Mavic 2 Actions

    #1 Hello, A few weeks ago I was flying with my mavic in sport mode, a few hundred feet in the air with plenty of satellites. When I "floored" it, it shot forward like normal, but a few seconds later I could hear it automatically climbing in the air, hearing the change in pitch from below. From...
  2. Fly Girl

    New Pilot from the San Francisco Bay Area

    Hello Drone Pilots, I recently received a Mavic 2 Pro. I've only taken a couple of flights with it and I am very excited to learn how to fly it and everything that has to do with drone piloting. Any suggestions for hands on flight training, and preparation for taking the 107 test will be most...
  3. T

    Mavic 2 Pro Inbound

    After a cluster **** situation I was facing with Amazon, I finally completed my purchase of my brand new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I developed a strong focus and addiction towards aerial and landscape photography when I started piloting drones a couple months ago. Started with the Parrot Anafi as my...
  4. F

    M2P - Flying by Douro River in Porto - DLOG-M

    Flying over Douro River in Porto, Portugal....from a sunny/foggy day to sunset...quick jorney about this gorgeous city. The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. FOV - 4K - DLOG-M - DJI LUT If you like, follow my Instagram for more FlyingByDan (@flyingbydaniel) •...
  5. 7

    Rear Status Indicator Light Problem

    Recently I noticed the rear status indicator lights on my Mavic 2 Pro won't turn on anymore even when I refresh the firmware. Before you say anything no it's not the cause of a hardware issue but more of a firmware issue maybe. I know the rear lights are working when I used the "Find My Drone"...