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  1. S

    Battery power suddenly lost during flight

    During a flight with a full battery, after 1 minute 7 seconds, power suddenly disappeared from 94% to 0. The drone reported this on the controller and began a forced landing This was happening over the middle of the lake I was lucky that there was a tiny island and I was able to slightly...
  2. J

    No shooting photos

    Hello, I had my Mavic Pro since 2 years and always have worked perfectly, but half a year ago it started having problems with shooting (I never crashed it), I had to press a lot of times or wait after 15 minutes flying to be able to shoot photos, but now it doesn't do anything, it can just take...
  3. T

    Mavic props breaking?

    Has anyone else had the experience of having their propellers break in midair? I’ve had mine do this around 5-6 times. Last night this happened around 200 feet up sending my Mavic into a death spiral and denying me all control. This caused it to fly about 1/2 mile away and crashing it causing...
  4. Ros


    Yesterday shots.... Flying between this giants is amazing. AeroField2 by Ros posted Jul 14, 2018 at 7:42 AM AeroField1 by Ros posted Jul 14, 2018 at 7:42 AM
  5. Mr. Mavic7

    I'm looking for a good tablet for the mavic pro under $150.

    Please help me
  6. J

    Mavic Pro Black Screen on App

    Hello, I've got a Mavic Pro with displays a black screen on the app once booted. I can control the gimbal and see the overlays but the actual feed is dark. So far I've tried the following fixes: Tried replacing the video cable, AIO board, camera lens and whoe camera assembly with spares. Reset...