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  1. S

    Geek Squad vs DJI Refresh SoCal

    Fellow Drone Enthusiasts, I am going to be purchasing DJI Air 2s as my first drone in the very near future(hopefully today) and I was wondering about a couple combinations of insurance options I've researched. One is to get the DJI Refresh on its own. Another option is to go with the Best Buy...
  2. S

    Buy now?

    Hello, I’m a brand new drone pilot(less than 30 min fly time) with a background in photography and I’m looking to enter the drone niche. Initially, I’m thinking of getting into real estate photography and I’d like to explore mapping and surveying in the future. I had first decided to go with...
  3. Y

    Gimbal Rebuild: Would you rather...

    I have inherited a Mavic Pro from a friend who bought a new mavic after his got stepped on. Everything works except the gimbal. (Including the camera). I have replaced the ribbon cable to no avail. If you were in my position would you rather buy the gimbal with camera and no vibration plate...
  4. seccon

    How do you change video file formats from MP4 to MOV?

    Final Cut Pro really seems to hate MP4 files, and Compressor hates them more, but I can not figure out how to get my Mavik 2 Pro to save the files as MOV files? Does anyone have the secret answer?
  5. B

    Can I shoot Raw images while flying a grid (to create 3D model)

    Hello ! I have a Mavik Pro and use DJI Ground Station Pro to fly grids and build 3D models using Agisoft. I use the Mavik because it is easy to carry to remote field locations (mostly hiking). The raw photos are much nicer than the Jpg's, however I am unable to acquire Raw photos while...
  6. D

    DJI Mavic Pro Aircraft will not connect at all! HELP PLEASE!

    Hey fellow flyers, Recently purchased my first drone which was a DJI Mavic Pro. Apparently I was a bit too anxious to fly the thing I missed a few important steps in updated firmware which I am well aware of now. smh. Earlier this week I received notification via the app I was to update the...
  7. donatas1

    Christmas lights.Merry Christmas 2018

  8. donatas1

    Birds VS Drones Attack by Birds

  9. U

    Mavik water crash

    While cruising a lake shore to establish a passing shot of a lake property, my advanced collision warning System started beeping, simultaneously, as I watched the drone on my controller hit and tumble through a tree. My last position on the flight log suggested that I had actually landed on the...
  10. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  11. tictag

    The tiniest of repairs...

    Hi guys, Long story short, overconfidence led me to attempt to land on an industrial digger's cabin roof ... rotorwash, Maddie slipped off, cracking her eyeball into the light cluster on her way down. Damage? Gimbal arm mount snapped, gimbal arm motor ribbon cable snapped ... camera ended up...
  12. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  13. donatas1

    Flying Drone Off Cliffs Iceland.2017

  14. donatas1

    Crater of the volcano Eldborg

  15. C

    Thinking about buying Mavik Pro

    Hi folks After lots of research online I am seriously considering buying the Mavik Pro. I have never flown a drone before, my main interest is good quality 4K footage and reliability. Should I buy the Mavik or P4 pro ? My professional background is aviation and photography Many thanks
  16. Glenn Johnson

    Hello from Akron Ohio!

    I have a Phantom 4 and I love it so much that I decided to increase my DJI fleet by ordering the Mavik Pro. Can't wait to get my shipping confirmation....