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  1. RayKelly

    3 3rd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup

    On April 2, 2022, we had over 100 drone pilots attend the 2nd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL. We have decided to hold our 3rd Annual South Florida Drone Meetup in Jensen Beach, FL on April 1, 2023. Please make plans to join us. It's free. See our FB event page and join...
  2. kingpin24

    New group created for Seattle/Western King County - Please join!

    Hi all, It's great to finally find a community of people with similar passions! I have had a Mavic Pro for a while now, and would like to start a club for regular meetings in the general Western King County area where we can decide on locations and/or hikes to take our drones and capture...
  3. B

    Drone in NYC and NJ

    Dudeeeees, I am new here! What's up yall? I am from Sweden but will spend a few weeks in NYC starting in the next few days. Sooo I have read tons about drones and whether they are legal or not and there are sites that say NO (there are some legal parks in BK and Queens according to those sites)...
  4. Accidental DronePilot

    Greater Chicagoland area, IL

    Looking to make this a regular place to catch up and post for some get together meet ups. I'm in the Western Burbs, but I'm all over the area with friends and work. Hit me up here. I'm learning but I'm a fast study Thanks, Accidental Drone Pilot
  5. hoggdoc

    Looking to Meetup

    I'm new to the Northwest been here since July 1st 2017. I would like to connect with Mavic and other flyers located in or nearby Longview, WA. I'm retired so weather permitting I'm available most days to fly. If you are interested in touching base to can contact me via Email @...