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micro sd card

  1. Grazuncle

    just found why my 4k is jerky

    I thought I had purchased a high speed Sandisk SDXC.. till I just discovered the the write speed is 90Mbs and not just the headline read speed (160mbs) :( I even lowered the fps but it still doesn't help with Jerky capture (I did try the footage on my fast pc and it is still the same. (the...
  2. X

    In desperate need of help

    i’m in desperate need of help so i went to Kauai Hawaii last week to record a bunch of footage with my camera, osmo action and mavic 2 pro, and today i decided to take a look at all my drone footage that i got (which was a lot) but when i plugged in my micro sd card to my pc it said i had to...
  3. StevieG1996

    Micro SD Media Transfer Recommendations

    Hi, I'm a new pilot. I use a SanDisk Extreme 64GB micro SD Card Class 10 UHS-1 U3 in my Mavic Pro. I was transferring about 10 GB worth of files using the micro USB cable connected to my Windows laptop. It took about 20 minutes. I'm not a fan of having to power on the Mavic for 20 minutes...
  4. J

    Micro SD error

    Good Morning All, Recently I have had errors on my mp remote regarding my micro sd cards. Has anyone encountered that problem after transferring videos? Should I unmount the micro sd card on my macbook? Thank you,
  5. BD0G

    Air Encoder Error (0x800020) - Possible Fix

    Well just received the weirdest Error Message in the DJI GO 4 Application. I was just out at the park and have had the Mavic Pro Combo for about 24 hours. Firmware is current. No calibrations done as there is no prompt to do so. Was ready to fly and powered up. No Image transmission on screen...