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mini 3 pro

  1. f13dfx

    Mini 3 Pro with Pre-Remote ID Firmware for Sale

    Looking to sell my personal Mini 3 Pro still with Pre-Remote ID aircraft firmware 01.00.0300. Flown only a handful of times at 1.74 hours for a total flight mileage of 13.3 miles. Comes with 2 regular batteries with 3 & 4 cycle counts respectively. DJI Care Refresh good until August 15, 2024...
  2. ersien

    Computer Vision With Dji Mini 3 Pro

    Hi there! As you know the latest sdk v.5.8 is out, developers started testing on very new supported mini 3pro. On that regard, we should help each other with our experiences. So far, I saw that dji documents're old and there were so bugs inside. For example you click a link, it is broken...
  3. CieloImaging

    Issue with Mini 3 Pro, Shipped in a Week vs Mini 4 Pro Now?

    Hi all. When I bought my Mini 3 Pro almost a year ago at Best Buy with the Fly More Combo Plus, I also added the Best Buy TotalTech protection plan and it has been great (my first M3P had a power defect and they literally grabbed a new one from the shelf and exchanged it for the defective one)...
  4. Geofff

    Mini 3 Perseverance Dam QLD

  5. H

    Mini 3 Winter Light - Fife, Scotland

    After awaking to the first blanket of snow in my small village in Fife, I dashed towards my mini 3 pro and rushed to get some morning light. This was my first video edited with Da Vinci Resolve so it’s not my best edit. I hope the footage is done at least some justice.
  6. Blackwatch1812

    RC Compatibility

    Greetings from Oregon! I am not new to the forum, but have been off the grid for some time while serving a humanitarian mission in DR Congo. I am going to Romania next and have a few questions hoping others can help with: I have the Mavic 2 Pro. It appears it is of a mass and weight as to...
  7. astroprojector

    Mini 3 Pro For Sale

    Hi There. I upgraded to Mini 4 Pro and selling my Mini 3 Pro. The drone in the excellent working condition. I owned for a year but only flew about 43 hours. The Package includes the following: Drone, 1x Battery, Propellers, Screwdriver, Cable, Instructions. DJI RC Remote Seasky Sun Hood DJI...
  8. NightFlightAlright

    Mini 3 Angelisqatsi – Life Out of Body

    Angelisqatsi – Life Out of Body This is a short "ambient" film, "Angelisqatsi" is an homage to the classic #koyaanisqatsi Life Out Of Balance About 6 minutes of imagery shot around LA and SoCal, set to Phillip Glass music and inspired by the work of Godfrey Reggio and Ron Fricke. <iframe...
  9. Freddygang

    The last flight

    Very short video of my M3P's last flight on Friday. Unprocessed footage shot with a K&F ND/PL filter - nice rainbow over the Ionian sea off the coast of a Greek island. After a brief period of ownership, my M3P's is packed to go back to Amazon to be swapped for a M4P . I really enjoyed the...
  10. W

    Finally opened my Air 3...

    Grab a coffee or other caffeinated product, there's a few words that follow... Former Air 2 and current Mini 3 Pro owner here. I purchased an Air 3 a few weeks ago as I decided it was necessary to have 360 obstacle avoidance and at the time the A3 was the least expensive option in addition to...
  11. W

    Does the Air 3 have a fan?

    Recently purchased an Air 3 (A3) that is still in the box. I was just about to open it a day or so ago when I heard about the announcement of the Mini 4 Pro (M4P). Currently using a Mini 3 Pro (M3P) but really wanted to get something with full 360 obstacle avoidance. I fly in Arizona and there...
  12. GekoCH

    Mini 3 Copenhagen - City of Contrasts

    During our road trip through Denmark we visited Copenhagen for a few days. What a nice city with a lot of old churches and buildings and in certain locations there are several architectural masterpieces. New buildings with constructions we've never seen. Cactus Towers, 8House, The Tietgen...
  13. 51 Drones

    Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro Mega Pack from FreeWell. Open box.

    I have 2 of these, so selling one. New price is $149. Price - $100 shipped to U. S. Only. PayPal
  14. T

    Mini 3 Pro gap between motor and frame

    Hello to all! I just found out that one of the two rear motors has bigger gap from the frame... i don't get any errors or anything, just to confirm if any of you has something similar! Thank you!
  15. hagman23

    Mini 3 Lightning | Mini 3 Pro

    These are two frame grabs from my Mini 3 Pro of some lightning.
  16. R

    If i have a mini 3 pro and an RC controller, can i use dronelink or should i buy an N1?

    I need to use my drone for photogrammetry, but since the RC controller does not support 3rd party apps, should i buy the normal controller? or there is something that i can do?
  17. T

    Aiming towards a point on my DJI RC, but my Mini 3 Pro is flying in another direction.

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my Mini 3 Pro, When I'm flying towards a point with the DJI RC, but the drone is flying in another direction. The drone is flying a little towards the left. There was hardly any wind. I also did a compass and IMU calibration, but it hasn't helped. Please help, Thanks.
  18. Henchula

    Mini 3 It's been a while - Mini 3 Pro

    Been a while since I took photos. Wanted to get sunflowers but I missed them out by a few weeks, so this is it.
  19. K

    Mini 2, mini 3 or 3 pro?

    Hi. I'm new here and to drones altogether. I'm a photographer and I'm thinking about getting a drone for photography (I'm not interested in videos). Should I spend more and buy mini 3pro or will mini 3 (or even mini 2?) be sufficient? Please help, I'm torn.