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  1. RyanDyal

    Small DIY Mobile Command Center build Video

    I can't see my screen! I need to charge batteries faster! A couple problems I solved with this build. I wanted clients to be able to see me take pictures and video. I also get so many questions when I am out in the field doing video or photos for some event. And you guys know what its like...
  2. C

    Using Moverio as Monitor ONLY

    All I want to do is use the Moverio glass as a monitor for my iOS device. I want to use my iPhone or iPad connected to the controller but see the screen on the Moverio glasses. I have tried using Reflector 2 with a Hoo Too hot spot and with an iPhone hot spot. I can mirror the iOS screen to the...
  3. gjmphoto

    Mirroring the Moverios

    Hey folks...I'm sure this has been covered before, but I haven't found just point me if I missed it: There are a few threads on the forum regarding mirroring of Android screens to allow a second person to watch while you fly, which would be particularly interesting with the Moverio -...