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  1. V

    Mavic Air 2 Trace Mode not working

    Hi All, I'm trying to get Active Tracking - Trace Mode to work properly on a Mavic Air 2. I can successfully get the drone into Trace Mode, get it to follow me and keep the distance maintained, but if I walk towards the drone, it just sits there, no matter how close I get. I believe the drone...
  2. Patiko


    Hi All, Does enyone using MAX ascent setting for DJI Mavic Air 2? I meaning: mode_gentle_cfg_vert_vel_up=10 (36km/h) Is it prity normal to use 10/36km/h at ascent for motors? :) Thank you all in advance
  3. Yaros

    [POLL] In what mode do you record video regularly?

    I am wondering in which mode you are recording video with your Mavic Air 2. I am trying to find the best combination of settings and modes.
  4. MrRobville

    Launch from a moving ship?

    Hi there, With models like the Phantom, I've once read that you could launch the drone from a moving ship if you set it to Atti mode instead of GPS, to avoid the drone hovering away. I was wondering, would such a thing be possible to achieve with the Mavic Air? I recall it doesn't have an Atti...
  5. ShawnIde

    My first attempt at Sphere Mode

    Hey Guys... Here is my first attempt at Sphere mode on the DJI Mavic Pro. I am amazed at how fast it is. Have you tried this new mode?
  6. DroneTone

    Controller Stick Mode Poll

    Which Controller Stick Mode Do You Use?
  7. K

    Mavic new Pilot, Few problems and questions....

    Hello Everyone I'm obviously a new Mavic Pilot, and new on this forum and I have few questions and problem around it, I try to find my answer on this amazing website but I didn't : - I can not connect my Iphone with a regular Iphone cable via the classic usb under the remote, It will be perfect...