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  1. R

    Moving patterns (moire?) on DJI Mini 2

    Hello all. Proud new owner of 2 drones - Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2. I've been waiting to buy DJI drones for a long time and having saved enough, finally took the plunge. I've taken both drones up for a short time - but have seen an issue on the Mini 2 that I haven't seen on the Air 2. There is a...
  2. D

    Mavic 2 Pro Moire Issues

    Hi All, I'm a long-time Phantom user and professional photographer, first time Mavic user/poster. To make this short, I love my M2P and just about everything about it but, I am getting some pretty bad moire in several of my video clips and photos. Video example (background buildings) shot at...
  3. J

    Doc on common issues / solutions / settings for Newbs for Mavic Pro

    So I've been trawling YouTube videos and forums for the last week and ended up going round in circles so I've compiled a crib sheet on some of the Mavic Pro issues I've come across on my travels. Its specifically in reference to settings, common problems, solutions and rules of thumb...