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    Weird gimbal issue by motor maybe

    Hi! I recently tried flying my drone, and then gimbal started making weird noises and the video is jello (ing?). Here is a video I have edited to show the problem in detail. I had no crashes that could connect to this issue. (video uploaded to onedrive, no need to sign in). The video details...
  2. P

    Vibration on all motors

    Problem: Vibration on all motors Drone: Mavic Pro (software updated), no modification, original propellers History: Never crushed or had any physical or software issue, well until now. Owned just by me, bought it new Device used: iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 14.1 iPhone app: DJI GO 4 v.4.3.38(4360) -...
  3. M

    Drone shaking / got a ESC alert msg

    So i went flying today, drone took off and started shaking and afterward i got a ESC alert, restarted the drone and the msg was gone, but the same thing happened drone was still shaking a lot
  4. H

    Gimbal Motor Too Large Error

    I've had this Mavic Pro for some time now its always treated me well and its never been crashed. Basically I was out on a shoot and one morning, I fired her up, the gimbal tried to calibrate as it usually does but it never finished. Basically the camera just flips around, side-to-side clicking...
  5. C

    One of my motors on my new mavic mini is rougher than the other 3

    Hi guys, I recently flew my drone indoor and my drone drifted and the propeller scratched the walls, but I grabbed the drone as quick as possible to prevent it from actually crashing it. That's when I started inspecting all the parts on my drone. I realised that one of my motor is slightly...
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    Gimbal / motor issue after it crashed

    Silly me trying to land on reflective surface “top of me car” the drone could not find the car, so I try to assist in landing, it landed on the edge of the top. Then it fall . Some scratches on the right leg, and I think it is broken but still holding. Some scratches on the camera body. On...
  7. R

    different temperature of motors

    I just found that my two front motors noticeably more hot than rear two. I did some experiments, for example, quick takeoff and descent in one point, then repeat with Mavic rotated 180 degrees to eliminate wind effects - the same results. Mavic flew about 100 hours, all was OK. I'm going to...
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    "Gimbal and Main Controller Disconnected"

    Bought a mavic pro brand new, hasn't flown yet. Each prop motor makes its own 'beeb' noise but slightly out of sync with each other. This happens abut 10seconds after powering on the aircraft. The RC connects and my phone displays the cameras vision but I have no control over what the drone...
  9. Z

    ESC Error On New Motor [SOLVED]

    Greetings! Looking for some advice with my delima. I will start with the generic help format: Problem? Left rear motor won't start - ESC error. Was unit in a crash? Yes, but was operable after. What have you tried so far?: Replaced motor. What device are you using? Galaxy S6 What firmware...
  10. M

    Looking for mavic rear motor bottom caps landing gear replacements.

    Hi I'm looking to get mavic rear motor bottom caps replacements. (little black caps below rear motors). I need at a minimum one, but would like to purchase 2. Can anyone help me with this?
  11. D

    Vibrating Motors In Cold Temperature

    I haven’t opened and tested my Mavic Air but a lot of people are experiencing vibrating motors in colour tmperatures. More details here Mavic AIR vibration - shake - shaking - cavitating POSSIBLE SOLUTION Your thoughts?
  12. K


    el dia de ayer compre un mavic, lo actualice a la ultima firmware, al momento de probarlo en una casa el fpv se caía, lo volví a actualizar y esta vez funciono bien y en exterior re bien, gaste 2 cargas, lo deje enfriar y lo empaque, en la tarde lo saque para volar otro rato y el gimbal tenia...
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    After a small crash, maybe 3ft off the ground going maybe 2mph... I clipped a propeller and my mavic fell to the ground. A small scratch on the undercarriage, and one cracked prop later, everything seemed fine... until I tried to fly again. I have NO CONTROL over the Gimbal and it says motors...