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mountain bike

  1. D

    MTB with MP (and GoPro)

    I wanted a mountain biking setup to allow my Mavic Pro to Active Track but also give quick and easy access to the controller. I’ve seen some YT vids where guys get AT happening and then put controller away in backpack etc. One of my preferred locations has occasional low flying helicopters and...
  2. J

    Mountain Bike with Mavic Active Track Profile Mode

    A small mountain bike ride without the Mavic DJI in the backpack. This tracking technology is absolutely brilliant. Everything is not perfect as one might think, it is necessary to correct by rolling altitude the avoidance of lateral obstacles ... It is not possible to practice mountain biking...
  3. G

    What settings to use in wooded area

    Hello folks. I live at the beach (poor me, I know) but am in Illinois now around a forested area and wanted to try tracking some friends as they mountain bike on a circuit (not necessarily a trail but trees along their side). Will try spotlighting but would also like to try profile and tracking...
  4. BenCathro

    RAD mountain bike edit with Mavic Pro (active track)

    I used my Mavic Pro, GoPro 3+ black, Feiyu Tech WG Gimbal and GoPro 5 black to shoot a self made edit in 1 day. Really happy with how it all turned out! Settings I used (firmware update defaulted the camera to settings I wouldn't normally use resulting in not ideal footage): 1080p 30fps -1-1-1...