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  1. H

    The Hill Pass.. Mavic 2 Pro

    Shot using my Mavic 2 Pro and edited using LumaFusion on my iPad. Uploaded at 1080p, please change your settings to play at 720p minimum!
  2. J

    Autumn up the Mt. Loop

    Mavic 2 Pro
  3. J

    Mt. Baker - Mt. Rainier Pano

    Mt. Baker on L, Glacier Pk. behind White Chuck Mt. in center, Mt. Rainier in distance on R. DJI Mavic 2 Pro, RAW images captured manually (no pano mode) stitched in Photoshop.
  4. Marco Cantieni


    All footage captured with the DJI Mavic Pro on various locations in the Northwest Dolomites. I was surprised what I was able to squeeze out of this tiny camera o_O Tell me what you think
  5. J

    Cascades Sunset/Sunrise Mavic 2 Pro

    Panos shot RAW stitched in Photoshop. Look close at the summit for the lookout where I'm standing. A friendly hiker posed for me on the nearby ridge the next morning.
  6. J

    Mavic 2 Pro Sunrise above my house

    Just got a Mavic 2 Pro last week and have been learning to fly. I'm a very experienced semi-pro photographer who shoots a variety of cameras up to a Sony A7r II, so I had high expectations after all the release hype. I'm pretty happy with the results so far, but it doesn't match up to my RX100 I...
  7. G

    how to spend 2 days in North Wales | Mavic Air

    hey everyone, we spent a couple of days off in North Wales and needless to say the first thing we packed was our Mavic Air ! We climb mountains, ride sleighs through the valley, witness epic sunrise by a lighthouse... action packed video :p If you like it don’t forget to subscribe at the same...
  8. Savon W.

    Zodiac Ridge - Colorado

    Almost two miles of rugged cliffs that connect Red Peak with Mt. Silverthorn. I've been climbing longer than I've been flying so I always appreciate helpful criticism.
  9. B

    Does Dji Go 4.0 require cell service?

    I will be hiking at 10,500 to 11,000 feet elevation. Previous camping trips resulted in no/very poor cell reception. Is the app on my Apple phone all I need? Any other suggestions at this height?
  10. G

    Castle Rock Peak | San Diego, CA

    Short flight at Castle Rock Peak in San Diego, CA
  11. A

    Inability to decide between Air and Pro Platinum

    Greetings pilots, I'd like your opinions regarding to the possible purchase of either models above, as the usage will be specific. I kinda did my homework about Spark, then Air; (I opted for Spark then decided to go with Air because of the requirements). I live in Switzerland, so 'the' drone...
  12. V

    Mavic flying at 3800m and -10.

    I go with a rad crew up to the Aguille du Midi in Chamonix then snowboard down the Valle Blanche. Amazing landscapes, just huge mountains with needle sharp peaks. #chamshack My Mavic performed flawlessly at the altitude (3800m, 12800ft) and the cold temps(-10) It fits into my backpack with a...
  13. G

    Annapurna Circuit, Nepal Himalayas 2017

    Hey Team! This is my latest edit after my recent trip to Nepal. Highest altitude I flew at was 5400m (base) up about 350m. Battled high winds, extreme cold (batteries at -2 deg!) to get some pretty nice shots - one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have been to! Let me know what you...
  14. M

    ALASKA - The Last Frontier

    Hey all! After hours an hours of cutting my footage down, I finally finished my video from my trip to Alaska this past fall. It's not all drone shots, but I would appreciate if you would take a gander. The drone shots are all with the Mavic Pro and I used mostly the Polar Pro ND/4 Polarizer...
  15. Cahd

    Corsica in roughly 60 Seconds

    Filmed during a 2 week road trip. Made also a longer video. But as I had a lot of material, I decided to make this really short video.
  16. MikeC

    Fall in Alaska Version 2

    Faster beat, shorter and added clips.
  17. R

    My first movie - Lofoten islands, Norway

    Hello All! I've been trying to shoot with drones since Phantom 2 Vision, but this is the first serious movie I have put together. Not sure what's the best forum for it, because I used both Mavic and P4P drones to create it. I take Mavic to the mountains with me when hiking, and I launch heavier...
  18. MikeC

    Fall in Alaska

  19. E

    A half year in Switzerland

    This is some of the footage I recorded over the last half year. The video starts out in and around the capital region of Bern but goes on to show other parts of Switzerland as well. Lots of trains (maybe too many), especially in the first half of the video ...
  20. Cahd

    Corsica Road Trip 2017 with DJI Mavic Pro 4K

    Hey guys, I was in Corsica this August and I finally finished my short clip. First time I tried DLOG.