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  1. H

    The ONLY way to film yourself with a Mavic Mini when mountain biking (Mini SE, Mini 2)

    I am a keen mountain biker and primarly use my orignial Mavic Mini for MTB reviews on Youtube. The problem that I have is that I cannot film myself since active track on ANY DJI drone is useless when trying to film yourself when riding fast in terrain. I am not talking about pointless and silly...
  2. F

    Air 2 First tests of DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track on MTB

    Got the courage to trust the Mavic Air 2 Active Track and started with MTB! Tested Trace and Parallel mode on a well known trail. Hope you enjoy! Soon I will post another one Hiking. On both sports got some scary moments but zero crashes.
  3. A

    How to mount your drone on your mountain bikes - solved

    Hi folks, Being a drone photographer and a mountain biker, I was looking (like many others) for an easy way to mount the drone on the bike, for easy take-off and landing and controlling while riding and shooting. I have MA2, but it can work for others as well. Here is a video of the drone...
  4. derekcreates

    Solo mtb video test with a Mavic Air

    Went for a solo mtb ride on the infamous "Boyscout" trail in Pacifica, California. All 3 clips i the short video were shot from my MA hovering in 3 different positions. (a lot of hiking up, riding down, then hiking back up to the controller.) Take a look and let me know what you think...
  5. D

    Second mountain bike between trees with drone and BIG desapointment with my mavic

    Hey guys! So, after the “success” of our first movie: we decided to do another one since we now have better editing skills :) Turns out that the camera on the Mavic pro started to give us big problems, specially with fog lens and jumping camera as you can see in our “new” movie that only got...
  6. D

    Flying Mavic Pro in the forest between trees mountain biking :D

    Flying Mavic Pro in the forest between trees mountain biking
  7. BenCathro

    RAD mountain bike edit with Mavic Pro (active track)

    I used my Mavic Pro, GoPro 3+ black, Feiyu Tech WG Gimbal and GoPro 5 black to shoot a self made edit in 1 day. Really happy with how it all turned out! Settings I used (firmware update defaulted the camera to settings I wouldn't normally use resulting in not ideal footage): 1080p 30fps -1-1-1...
  8. D

    Mavic and waypoints and active track questions

    Hi all, I am currently working away over Christmas and new year while my mavic languishes in the house. I want to get some things right in my head before I come home to fly her more! I tried filming my first bit of mountain bike footage before I left and found it quite difficult because we...