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music video

  1. RTKD

    The beauty of Vermont (Deep woods flying, Sound design and Music)

    This was shot with a Mavic Pro and a custom FPV rig that records with a GoPro7. The "Hypersmooth" setting on the GoPro was the last ingredient I needed to smooth my FPV footage out. Between hypersmooth, and shooting in 60FPS to slow down in post, my FPV shots are about as stable as the mavic...
  2. Joakim Bergman

    Looking for drone videos for my next music video as I dont have the guts to take of yet - Are you interested to share content?

    Dear all, a few days ago I purchased a DJI Mavic Air to bring to Mallorca to get some cool videos for my next music video (will be uploaded to youtube). However, I did my home work and seriously checked youtube and got quite scared of multiple reasons (footage allowance unclear and I learned...
  3. RTKD

    A week in Costa Rica

    Business called my wife and I to Costa Rica, but we still got plenty of R&R time. I've got shots here from all over the country, but most of it is Playa Grande and Salinas Bay. Also messing with the editing a bit, trying to add a little more visual interest.
  4. S

    Music Video Shot Entirely on Mavic Air using Smart Capture

    wow.. So i did it... I bought the Mavic Air Specifically for the purpose of shooting a music video, not to fly 2 miles out and spy on my neighbours (just kidding). People wanted to charge me nearly 2k to shoot 3 music videos. So i bought the Mavic Air to do it all myself, using the smart...