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new england

  1. T

    Greetings from Gorham, ME!

    Hello! Any fellow Mainers out there? I am just getting started (in fact just flew out of beginner's mode for the first time this weekend—of course I crashed it).
  2. S

    Lost DJI Mavic Pro - Quechee Gorge VT

    Hi - I crashed my drone into a tree near the Quechee Gorge Bridge on May 27, 2017. I tried to retrieve it but it was too high up, and the path to the tree was dangerous. If any fellow pilots see a DJI Mavic Pro abandoned in the area (e.g. washed up on the river bed), please contact me. I have...
  3. Skyler King III

    New Facebook group for Mavic Owners in New England

    There are several DJI and DJI Mavic Groups on Facebook and they seem to very geographically diverse. See: New England DJI Mavic Owners Group This Group will is dedicated to owners (and future owners) of the DJI Mavic series and that are located in New England, USA: Connecticut, Rhode Island...
  4. tnhl1989

    Hi from Boston, MA from USA

    Hi all, I am completely a noob to flying drones and can't wait to start. I ordered my drone through the DJI website on Oct 12th. 2016 while I was going on a hike with my friend who happened to carry a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with him. I ended up ordering the flymore combo kit while on the ride up...