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nfz geo authorization

  1. W

    NFZ restrictions and Part 107 unlocking in DJI Go

    Question: I was recently in the French Alps and I’d been excited about capturing some epic mountainscapes and other footage, only to realize that the small strip a couple nm away compelled the app to not permit flight. Had I been Part 107 certified and unlocked as it were would I have been...
  2. MavicBob

    Cleared for NFZ over lake, then "Will auto land in 19 secs!"

    I received clearance to operate in a No Fly Zone that included a lake where I was going to video some rowers. No problem starting and taking-off, and following a scull for a minute or two out in the lake. Then the controller beeped and displayed a message that I was in a NFZ, and the Mavic...
  3. ScubaBob

    NFZ verification failure Unknown Error 200

    I have read the other "unable to validate in NFZ" posts and don't think my problem is there but if I should repost somewhere else please tell me. I live in Cancun and have an MP. Last spring I was on a nearby island (Isla Mujeres) and when I went to use my MP I got a NFZ message. I clicked on...
  4. W

    NFZ Authorization Expiration

    Not sure if this has been answered, but scenario: You obtain a 3 day NFZ authorization through DJI GEO map to fly. What happens if the authorization expires while you are in a current flight 3 days later? Will the drone be smart enough to know you are authorized or will it immediately throw a...