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no connection

  1. D

    Mavic Mini - “RC not connected to ...”

    This is what appears on my app. I purchased my drone 4 months ago and never had a connection issue before until today. I had updated the Dji mavic mini app in the morning so not sure if the issue is related to the app for some reason. I turned off and on everything many times, closed the app...
  2. Britishbigfoot

    Trying to fix a Mavic, need help!

    Hi all. I've been approached by an acquaintances father, who has a Mavic. He's flown it a total of 6 meters, according to his DJI Go 4 App logs on his iPad. I've been tasked with fixing it... he's off to Sweden next week and obviously wants to take his bird. I'm not totally sure how he had that...
  3. B

    Mavic RC not connecting to mobile device

    Hello everyone I have had my mavic for just under a month, I have flown it loads about 40 flights in total and everything has been amazing, I love it. But yesterday I went out to the local park to fly, I connected my phone to the RC and everthing was working perfectly, I took off and was...