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no control

  1. 51 Drones

    Mavic Air Drifting Away???

    Hey guys, So the last 2 times I launched my Mavic Air, it just starts drifting away on it's own. It won't respond to the controls at all. IMU is calibrated, compass is calibrated, 13 or more GPS locked on. Everything looks to be just fine. It finally responds after a very stressful 30...
  2. G

    Autopilot issues.. please contribute

    Hi Guys, While using the Mavic pro with autopilot I ran into a couple of issues and I would be happy for some help: 1. The most important issue: After the application crashes (and it does happen..), relaunching it or the DJI Go 4 does not gain control over the quad. I can see the image from the...
  3. ballitogb

    Super Weird Crash broke my gimbal back support

    Whats up Pilots, I need help with this issue, I took my Mavic Pro for a short flight I wanted to get a nice building at night but as soon as it lifted up it went crazy I couldn't control it and it did some kind of flip and flew backwards and it hit a wall. can someone help me figure this thing...
  4. Slantnose79

    Uncontrolled "Super Rapid" Ascent

    Greetings Mavic Pilots. I'm running the latest F/W on all hardware and have logged about 45 flights. No drama until today. I use Iphone-6s and DJI-2. The flight started a little bit differently this am. I had a bit of trouble getting the GPS Mode to lock in [even though I was launching from my...