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  1. EliteBleader

    Is occusync WORTH it?

    Is the mini 2 worth it solely for occusync transmission.
  2. J

    Video on screen inconsistent with drone location.

    Less than a mile away and while returning to my Home Point at a 2,800 ft away I started to experience Occusync breakup. The video on screen was stalling and delayed. It was well behind the drones actual location. Fortunately, I was pointed in the direction of Home Point already, when I check...
  3. billem16

    Occusync (MavPro) vs Wifi on the Mavic Air - need help!

    Hi I am deciding between purchasing the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air. I was previously set on the Mavic Air as it is smaller, seems to have great quality video, $200 cheaper, etc. BUT I recently read that the Mavic Pro uses Occusync and the Mavic Air does not have that, and requires Wifi to...