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  1. C

    Mavic 2 Ocusync 2.0 - Signal/Reception

    Ok, so I’m new to the Ocusync world, I’ve had in the past a Spark and then a Mavic Air both WiFi base. Both had moderate to decent range for my use, but with some reception issues here and there depending on my area. Today was my first real flight out with the Mavic 2 Zoom. I was in town at a...
  2. DJI Ferrari

    Live Stream: UAV

    Since the Mavic Pro used a hard-wire connection and the new "OcuSync" instead of the more traditional and well known basic "wifi", does this mean it is now possible to live stream to you-tube via Android tablets built in wifi, since the tablets wifi is not used for drone image/video transmission?
  3. N

    Ocusync 2 vs power lines & WIFI

    Hi, I'm just receiving my Mavic 2 Pro and that's my first post on your forum. Several messages and videos seem to demonstrate that Mavic 2 is easily impacted by power line disturbances and therefore causes the crash. Is it really a loss of ocusync 2 signal ? Or the electromagnetic effects of...
  4. anwudgf

    Flight Range in Long Island?

    Hello, I'm from Long Island but moved out to Southwest where I've purchased and have flown my Mavic Pro - with pretty good range. I've flown here in areas with and without residential and commercial interference. I have seen in dense areas typically I'm averaging 1-1.5 miles and in sparse...
  5. W

    Issue with OcuSync? Any Dallas/Fort Worth Guys Want to Test This?

    I've flown dozens of times at a park near Dallas with a Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Spark, Autel X-Star premium, Q500 and Typhoon H and never had a problem with my transmission signal. I've flown the Mavic Pro Platinum at this park five times and it has had severe connection problems all...
  6. G

    Go4App question - directional compass

    MP Q - on the 'radar dial' in the lower-left of the Go4 screen, the red arrow is craft orientation .. that's easy.. (N) is north .. and the white diamond is 'controller direction' (CD)... got all that. My question is: "Shouldn't the (N) always stay pointing north and the CD move as the...
  7. J

    Mavic Air with OcuSync Camera

    Anybody have the Racing Edition goggles and thinking of using the OcuSync Camera on their Mavic Air? If so, have you thought through any redundancies you'll face with the different but necessary communication protocols? Don't know, was just thinking about it and wondering if this would...
  8. coullit

    Ocusync vs Lightbridge

    finding Ocusync better than Lightbridge I had on P4, P3 s and on P3 standard was terrible wifi connection. I get no magnetic interference like I did with P4 i.e. being too close to my car...the video feed stays sharp to greater distance, no screen roll. The mavic on tests even out performs the...