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  1. VenomXts

    Summer Thunder Storm From the Air To The Ground Then Back Up....

    Had a thunderstorm storm come in today so shot a few things with the drone and then my Osmo on the ground. Decided to throw together a quick video together to listen and see the rain from two perspectives. Always kinda Zens me out, figured id share if anyone else is into this type of thing...
  2. Congeetime

    Mount Fuji Japan DJI Mavic Mini & Pocket

    Hello! Here's a cinematic take on a recent trip to Kawaguchi, Japan. First time using the DJI mavic mini and the osmo pocket and they're the best combo for travelling! Also, my first time color grading so things aren't perfect! The weather wasn't the greatest so drone shots were limited...
  3. Derlisz

    Ghost Town of Granadilla - Lost in time.

    This visually stunning little walled town has a very rich history over ages previously being a capital of its own region of Tierras de Granadilla and head of the judicial district. In 1950 the town was evacuated due to a newly built Gabriel y Galán reservoir. The water has never risen to a level...
  4. gjmphoto

    How are you holding your phone and Wifi mounted Osmo?

    For those of you who are using the wifi module (and for me, I just about have to because my USB connection is completely unreliable (another thread) do you hold both your phone and your Osmo?
  5. I

    This Cable just made my DJI Osmo Pocket EPIC..

    If you Own a #DJI #Osmo #pocket then you need to be buying this £6 cable to make it a top Cinematic tool.No Need for Wifi unit with this cable. Use an Ipad with the Osmo Pocket.
  6. Robert S

    Namadgi National Park, ACT, Australia

    It may not be so well known that the ACT, Australia has some spectacular scenery. Namadji is the only national park in the ACT. Enjoy, and comments welcome!
  7. Robert S

    Canberra in the mist

    Canberra (Australia) has a great mixture of natural features and man-made landmarks. So far there aren't too many unnecessary restrictions - apart from the usual Civil Aviation rules. I intended to get up early to catch the sunrise on Easter morning, and got fog instead. Please note that I...
  8. M

    DRONE OWNERS - This is for you

    For you drone owners out there who is a filmmaker or trying to get into filmmaking or are just thinking about getting some ground footage added to your arsenal, the Osmo plus might well be on your list. So here's a quick review and comparison footage of ungraded vs quickly graded footage in...
  9. D

    First Big Dump of the Season!

    First snow in the Highlands and a weekend away in the Cairngorms. First day was filmed with Mavic @ 2.7k, Normal, +1,0,0. Second day was too windy so just carried Osmo instead and filmed with same settings. Just made sure to carry battery in pocket to keep warm before flying - no temperature...
  10. Flyenroute

    Do you own both Mavic and Osmo?

    I saw many videos that are shot with Mavic and Osmo Mobile and put together. I guess many people especially pros and vloggers use those two together for ground and aerial shooting. Just want to see how many people in the forum have two.
  11. D

    OSMO Mobile limp gimbal

    Hi Everyone I hope someone may be able to assist with my issue. Recently purchased Mavic PRO direct from DJI - all good, activated, works fine Also purchased an OSMO Mobile from DJI - this is where my problems started... OSMO unpacked, charged, assembled, powered on but system status...
  12. D

    Mavic versus Osmo

    Filmed this for a friend while we were in Crete. All aerial shots were filmed with the Mavic (ND16, 2.7k, None, +1,0,0) and all low level shots filmed with an Osmo (not the mobile one, no ND, 2.7k, None 0, 0, 0). All footage from the Mavic has not been touched (no colour grading etc.) whereas...