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OSMO Mobile limp gimbal


New Member
Jul 2, 2017
Hi Everyone
I hope someone may be able to assist with my issue.

Recently purchased Mavic PRO direct from DJI - all good, activated, works fine

Also purchased an OSMO Mobile from DJI - this is where my problems started...

OSMO unpacked, charged, assembled, powered on but system status indicator glowed RED permanently, spoke with DJI support online who were very helpful and in the end they advised I return it, unfortunately I am leaving the country for a trip and wanted to get this sorted out so I could take the OSMO so I arranged for a refund and then purchased a second OSMO mobile from Best Buy

Unpacked OSMO #2, charged, connected via Bluetooth to iPhone7 but even though the OSMO buttons operate the camera in terms of taking photos and video, zooming in and out on the camera, the gimbal does not reset on startup or move with the joystick, it remains limp all the time and does not hold the camera steady in ANY position and the iPhone/gimbal remains limp and can be moved easily (not forcefully) by hand but not by the motors - just as if the OSMO had no power to it at all

I searched the forums, YouTube and support boards for hours trying different things and read that the OSMO has to be activated for the gimbal to function however while connecting to the OSMO via DJI Go (not DJI Go4 which is used for the Mavic) I have never been asked or required to activate the OSMO and cant seem to find a way to activate it. When I select OSMO MObile from the Go Menu it just takes me straight to the camera screen.

I also tried connecting to the OSMO using my iPad and experienced the same problem. I have deactivated the camera sensor in settings and also placed a post it over the camera sensor so I do not believe the OSMO thinks it doesn't have a camera/phone inserted

OK so I thought I have a second faulty OSMO so I returned it to Best Buy who replaced it with another OSMO Mobile (so now onto #3) - the same problem exists with #3 as did with #2

Please note - I did read that DJI Go4 does not work with OSMO Mobile so I deleted 4 and have reinstalled Go (non4) a number of times on both the iPhone7 and iPad, I have also performed a successful firmware upgrade, unfortunately this did not fix the problem

I'm beginning to wonder is this an iOS thing or the fact that there was an original OSMO (#1) registered to my account and therefore it thinks this is the same one

One other thing, when clicking the cog icon and entering menu there is no indication of the firmware version - it is just blank

I would very much appreciate anyione's guidance or help in resolving this issue, thank you in advance