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  1. ToniMacaroni

    DJI Mavic Enterprise Advance - AVOID ACTIVATION - Possible? Any experience, stability issues anticipated?

    Seeking guidance to avoid the ACTIVATION process using Ent Advance and Smart Controller, Off-the-shelf purchase. Focused on avoiding tracking from foreign countries. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I anticipate stability issues or no ability to operate without activation.
  2. N

    Dji Mini 2 - Activation Problem

    Bought my new Mini 2 from a local retailer 3 hours ago and put it to charge when I got home. It charged already all 3 batteries one in the mini and 2 in the hub. Then I've attempted to activate it. Here it started to get funny: The drone did pair with the controller, however the Fly App did...
  3. kilomikebravo

    2 Pro Activation Issue

    Like others, my 2 Pro showed up a day early as well. Got everything charged, got the aircraft and the controller talking to each other, fired up Go 4, went through all the questions, and when I got to the activate button and tapped it, it went gray and hasn’t changed in two or three hours. I...
  4. gdlmus

    Platinum & DUMLdore Activation option

    Hi, Basic question: Has any one activated his MPP via the DUMLdore v1.92 or v1.93 software and what results...? Thanks. Good day. -= Guy =-
  5. GMG

    Warning - Buying from TomTop

    td;lr While in some markets TomTop’s price is substantially lower than other options, you’ll have NO warranty and NO support if you have any issues. ——— The longer story A few months ago, my Mavic was stolen, including all my accessories. Not a day’s gone by without thinking about it and...
  6. V

    So no aircraft activation needed..?

    Got my brand new Mavic. But before I have flown it and after reading all this horror stories on the forum - I have downgraded to .700 (from factory .800) then installed GO 4.0.6 and it allowed me to start engines without "aircraft activation". While few hours earlier - app DJI GO 4.1.3 insisted...
  7. S

    Mavic Pro Never Asked to be Activated

    My Mavic Pro is my second drone, the first being a Phantom 4. When I first got my P4, I used the DJI Go 4 app and fully activated the P4. About 20 flights later, I bought the Mavic Pro and a set of DJI Goggles. However, when preparing the Mavic for its first flight, I was never prompted to...
  8. D

    OSMO Mobile limp gimbal

    Hi Everyone I hope someone may be able to assist with my issue. Recently purchased Mavic PRO direct from DJI - all good, activated, works fine Also purchased an OSMO Mobile from DJI - this is where my problems started... OSMO unpacked, charged, assembled, powered on but system status...
  9. Dronin

    New Activation while on vacation question

    With the upcoming "End Of Week" Activation messages from DJI I am concerned about my lack of access to internet. I will be having a "Long Weekend" out of town starting on Friday in a place where my internet will be extremely limited if I can get it all. I know my phones go "dark" as soon as I...
  10. L

    Will not activate

    studied the manual and the videos Wifi connected to drone with smartphone Proceeded thru all steps. Device name, and various specs all good. The last item / option about 5 pages in is the incon at the bottom Connect to server I press (nothing happens) The audio keeps repeating to confirm...