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  1. egearing

    My first flight - bad packaging and hot iphone 12

    So, I received my mini 2 from adorama and the packaging wasn’t very good. The shippers didn’t put any bubble wrap or peanuts in the shipping box which in turn allowed the shipping box to get crushed on one side. This affected the “Fly More Combo” box as well. It got crushed on one side as well...
  2. mereflyer

    Attention all droners - Extend the life of your batteries and chargers.

    Heat Sinks - Suitable for all types and models. Attention all droners - Extend the life of your batteries and chargers. Valuable, Safe, Free advice that will Save You Money! Over heated batteries and chargers? (More important in warm climates) Keep em 10 degrees Cooler when Charging. Also...
  3. C

    Battery overheated and swelled up on flight while in carryon bag. Battery was put in explosives box

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum and not a good one at that. This morning I took my mavic pro out and all seemed normal. I discharged the battery to 60% by flying for a flight I had this evening. About an hour after taking off I went to retrieve an item from my bag and realized my bag...
  4. Joymaker

    Why my Air went out of control?

    This evening I went with some friends up to the mountains and set out to fly. Was chased away from one site by a cloud of mosquitoes, and inadvertently packed up my Air while still powered on. Some 5 to 10 minutes later at another site I opened the case and found it quite warm – but not absurdly...
  5. O

    Crystalsky Monitor Overheat Warning

    Hi. New to the forums but I've been flying the Mavic for a few months now. After a number of frustrating flights with video lagging and or app crashing within my iPhone 6 and Ipad Air 2, I decided to try out the Crystalsky. I recently purchased a 5.5 version and got it in yesterday. I haven't...
  6. D

    Mavic Aircraft Core Board Overheated, DJI Want to Replace Rotors Arms

    I opened a case with DJI Support because my Mavic cooling fan stopped working and I began receiving a warning of "aircraft core board overheated". I just received the assesment and repair invoice for replacing a gimbal mounting bracket, both rear motor arms, a couple of shell components and a...