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  1. I

    Fed up with jerky drone pan shots? This maybe the problem.

    The Camera pan.. got to be one of the trickiest Aerial drone shots to get right..
  2. J

    Litchi + VR + pan?

    Hi. Is possible to pan gimbal using litchi in VR mode? I know I can tilt and works fine, but I could'nt find any option to enable pan too.
  3. Funkymon

    Panning without me wanting it to..

    When I just hover my mavic and not touching any of the joysticks, it would pan a little bit left or right and it lasts about 5-8 seconds. As I fly in the air this happens too - I had to slightly counter that pan (if it's panning left, I will pan to the right with a very subtle push on the left...
  4. O

    Slow Static Pan in Litchi

    Slow Static Pan in Litchi The other day I wanted to set up a Litchi mission which, half way through would stop at a point and perform a slow 180 pan before continuing on. I realised I couldn't work out how to do it. In the end I set up a couple of waypoints a few meters apart with appropriate...