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  1. JoostGT3

    Increasing drone visibility

    So, last weekend I was flying with some paragliding buddies and filming them air to air (see this thread for the result :D). We discussed the flight plan, separated the drone flying area from the paraglider flying area and only later did I move in a bit closer. I stayed sideways, aft or above...
  2. JoostGT3


    "On Eagle Wings" Air to Air footage that I shot of a friend of mine paragliding. First attempt, so quite cautious, but absolutely loved shooting this! Back in the days when I was paragliding myself, I had been looking into getting better footage than the typical selfie stick stuff already, so...
  3. H

    Paragliders and Mavic

    Greetings to all friends, last weekend I saw half a dozen of paragliders having fun just above my house. I thought it woud be a great idea to get a nice video, to be honest these are the moments I was chasing when I got my first camera drone. I didn't know these guys and I have no paragliding...
  4. Member


    Just 175 views?! Awesome shots and music!