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Paragliders and Mavic


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Mar 7, 2017
Athens, Greece
Greetings to all friends,

last weekend I saw half a dozen of paragliders having fun just above my house. I thought it woud be a great idea to get a nice video, to be honest these are the moments I was chasing when I got my first camera drone.

I didn't know these guys and I have no paragliding experience whatsoever, I wish I had. So, I thought that I will not get close to them and be extra carefull by filming in distance and VLOS.

Video was created via DaVinci Resolve, any critiques, good or bad, are always welcomed. I am just trying to get better :)

Pretty awesome stuff, what is the structure on the top of the ridge?
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Being from a paragliding background .... you kept a perfect distance. The MP would be really difficult to see and keep track of when close, and paragliders are not the most responsive of things to fly and avoid something like the MP.
I'd love to combine the two some time.
@Bunny Too I heard that someone tried to build a house at the top of the mountain but authorities stopped him. That was 7 yrs ago. The same year he got stopped the small mountain was set on fire...

@OzoneVibe I think that 2 of them saw me when I was talking off from my house, one of them shouted 'drone'.. I was extremely carefull and a bit scared at the same time but I had to get the shot from distance. But it was an pretty amazing experience. I will try to reach these guys and offer them my vid.

thank you both for your comments!
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Very cool! Nice shooting!
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I live on a beach here in Texas and a group of paragliders have set up on the beach to train . What are the rules for me to fly my drone in this area now??? There are no TFR's in place
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