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  1. Torbjörn

    Fly forest Ostersund Sweden

    G'day I am a forest owner hoping to overview my property to check windfallen trees, clogged ditches, treeplantation, bush clearing, campers etc. I visited Elmia forest fair 9th of june and was fascinated by the Mavic Pro so I purchased one - and just now got an Iphone 7 plus dedicated to the...
  2. DesertWindAero

    Indoor flying and patterns

    Regarding indoor flying, the Mavic manual says: "...the Downward Vision System cannot work properly on surfaces without clear pattern variations..." Do you think something like this, laid down a concrete floor would work?
  3. DesertWindAero

    Indoor flying -- patterns?

    The DJI site says it needs "...Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)..." for indoor flying. Has anyone determined what kind of pattern it flies best on? Does it need to be something like this?