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  1. Darto21

    Cloud inversion at the top of Schiehallion - the 58th highest munro in Scotland

    This was my first real outing with my Mavic Mini since my last video. It was the 12th munro I had climbed out of 282 and the first I had experienced the weather being better at the top than bottom! We found the car park, got all the gear on and made our way to the start point. Once on the...
  2. John Gowland

    Short Mavic 2 Zoom test 2X optical 2X Digital

    No filters, no post, all auto. One slice, 3 transitions, one short music incision. Thanks to Ellie Goulding - Don't Say A Word. Black Swan, Perth
  3. John Gowland

    Let the birds come to you.

    Just be in the area and take lots of video and wait and wait. Eventually they will come to you. Then use MA at 120 fps 1080
  4. John Gowland

    Where do I upload videos? Osprey eating fish Mavic in high wind.

    I uploaded a video a while ago and noticed it had been moved. Where do I upload them too so as not to annoy all? Osprey eating fish Mavic in high wind YouTube John
  5. El Arbol de Buda

    Perth the unknown gem of Australia! - Epic Sunrise

    I'm glad to share with you this little piece of footage of a fantastic sunrise in the city that hosted me for more nearly 4 years and where my new adventure starts. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks