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Short Mavic 2 Zoom test 2X optical 2X Digital

John Gowland

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Jun 23, 2017
No filters, no post, all auto.
One slice, 3 transitions, one short music incision.
Thanks to Ellie Goulding - Don't Say A Word.
Black Swan, Perth
nice quality for digital zoom, how far were u from the bird, the mav doesnt seem to bother him/her
I think I was about 10 m from the bird the thing is the Mavic 2 is so quiet it's almost a hum a deep sound rather than a buzzing bee sound.
I did work on the bird, about 10 minutes to let it get used to it.
A lot of refining and experimenting do but I know it is going to be great for nature.
That's what I want to hear, I do the same with deer and mp1. The zoom and quieter bird, can do nothing but help get better pics. and video.
[B]Rnl[/B] you will hear a big difference between the M1 and M2. The decibel reading reports are only a very rough indicator. The real test is how you and other breathing life forms hear it. I have a P4P v2 and the M2Z is a lot less annoying. So for the likes of us, taking vids of fauna the M2 Z is a definite improvement. But as you will know taking off well away from your target and approaching slow and low is still a must. And you have to watch your target so carefully for any signs of distress. If you do then stop and start again and if its not working out and the target just is not comfortable, abandon the mission and choose another target.
I have never approached a dear with a drone. I hope you don't, after a vid shoot, use a gun shoot :)
Love to watch them grow through the summer, amazing how much antler grows in a few short months. I too get them use to my bird, doesn't take long, couple days and they are all most curious.
Can get so close mp1 blows beans around, that's when they get nervous.
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