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photo quality

  1. M

    Mini photo quality

    So as a quite new drone user but a long time photographer im actually disappointed in the quality of photos. Of course it's not a full frame camera or a pro drone but still the quality resembles phone photo quality back in the days. Maybe its me and im doing something wrong but here are some...
  2. E

    Picture Quality Help!

    Hi guys, Recently purchased the mavic pro, & a bit disappointed with the quality of the photographs. I have played around with the setting,reconfigured the camera, I have them set in RAW, etc. (literally done everything the internet has told me to) however, they still look very pixillated. I...
  3. R

    Mavic Pro vs Spark (photo quality)

    Hello. For the purpose of taking pictures only, Is Mavic Pro much better than the Spark in photo quality? MP Photo Resolution: 4000 x 3000 (12MP) Spark Photo Resolution: 3968 x 2976
  4. T


    Hey everyone, The Mavic Air is my first drone and I really love it! The videos are coming out great no real problem there but the photos are coming out very pixilated. I had the photo settings to jpeg + Raw but have just changed it to Raw. Any idea or tips on how to make the photos not look so...
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    Photo quality

    Hi all, I have DJI Mavic Pro platinum, video quality is great but photos not so much, I can’t work out why they are poor quality. Any advice please? Thank you Tony