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  1. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Photo Settings - Instant Improvement

    Understanding Mavic 2 Pro Photo Settings will give you Instant Improvement. In this video, I’m sharing the workflow I’m using getting the best settings for capturing great shots
  2. P

    Short Guide to Autumn Season Photo/Video Shooting

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hi all, I have listed some TIPS when capturing drone footage during the Fall season. The guide talks about PL filters, sensors, trees, birds and LUTS in the link above. Hopefully some of you might find useful. Thanks...
  3. M

    camera quality

    hi, i wonder what i am doing wrong, i think photos i take whit my mavic look bad, or is this normal ? i think they look blurry, i have played alot of round whit diffrent settings, resetting all of the settings and recalibrate everything
  4. A

    Mavic Air Raw Photos

    Hey there! I recently got myself a Mavic Air. I love it and it pretty much understand everything about it because I've been watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube. But there is something that I clearly don't understand. When I had the photo settings taking JPEG and transfered them to my phone...
  5. psloan

    I say the Mavic Air can take a pretty nice pic

    Bonus video --Pat
  6. R

    Drone Only Instagram profile

    Hi all together, I just wanted to share my Drone only Instagram channel and would love to see some of yours if you have any! :) REDBERG (@redberg.stephen) • Instagram photos and videos Also I got a question to NeatVideo does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am a student so 100 € is quite...
  7. heo3480

    Best PHOTO Settings

    I sometimes forget that a Mavic Air is a completely fantastic camera for taking photos. In this video, I share my best settings for Mavic Air photo menu so you're ready to take the perfect picture. This tips are more or less generic and can be applied to any of the DJI Drones. ..
  8. B

    How much should I charge

    I am semi new to this I have been flying my drone for awhile but I want to get into making money I already have my licences to fly it. I just want to know how much I should charge people, or how much others charge.
  9. Debiko

    How can I shoot “smaller” panoramic images?

    For the Mavic Pro and Air... Is there a way that I can shoot panoramic images that are “simpler” than the one(?) that seems to be available? What I want to do is have the drone capture horizontal or vertical panoramic images (sets of images) consisting of just 2, 3, 4, etc. images and stitch...
  10. RoadieMunky

    Image/Video quality question

    Hi all, I was wondering why in my pictures and videos some things, like the trees in the below picture, are... blurry (for lack of a better word). The trees in the foreground of this picture seem ok, but the trees in the background have no sort of definition (blurryness). I get the same in my...
  11. lisadoc

    An "Explosion" of Wallabies

    If you've never seen a mob of wallabies (yes, that's what a group of wallabies and kangaroos is called), here's a 360 photo of a group of them foraging in a field outside Cairns, Australia. Looks like a bomb went off and wallaby shrapnel went everywhere. The great thing about the Mavic is that...
  12. S

    How take a 48mp photo with mavic pro (not a panorama)

    Hi guys, Recently I posted how big can you print out a photo from mavic pro 12mp, and I shown that was possible to get pretty good A3 sizes with good sharp under 30 cm far, which is amazing. I got quite intrigued if would be possible to get bigger sizes, but you know, we run into technical...
  13. Iikkamovitsh

    Your favorite shot from the end of 2017 / start of 2018?

    Hi all, First, let me introduce myself. I'm a 29 year old pilot from Finland. I've been flying my Mavic since July 2017 and have been loving it. Here is my favorite shot from a day or two before new years eve. It is my familys cottage in Central Finland. Now let's see your favorite shot...
  14. Adamcain112

    Bucks County PA

    Cloudy day looking over Falls Township park in Bucks County, PA if you look far back you can kind of see Philadelphia. On a clear day you can really see it.
  15. Adamcain112

    3rd flight

    I just can't find time to fly with work being so busy, I got home and decided to take the Mavic out for a couple minutes. Only being my 3rd time out I am starting to get more comfortable flying still a little nervous. I used 2 Strobe Cree lights on the front arms I am shocked it didn't mess up...
  16. M

    Discolored Band At Bottom of Vertical Photo

    Has anyone ever had this issue, where at the bottom of a vertical photo taken on a Mavic Pro, there is a band of color that has a darker exposure and different white balance. Here are some photos for reference. I want to know how to get rid of this, its ruining my photos.
  17. W

    Wanted - Wildlife Footage for WWF

    Hello all, I'm the staff video producer for WWF-Canada and I wanted to reach out to the Mavic community to let you know that we are always on the lookout for good wildlife drone footage particularly for marine species (Right whales, Belugas, Killer whales etc.) We've found drone videography /...
  18. G

    DNG - is it affected by sharpening settings?

    Has anyone done tests to see if the DNG raw image recorded by the Mavic is affected by the sharpening or noise reduction settings in the same way as video? Obviously being raw it SHOULD be but its already been shown the Mavic does process the DNG image in some cases such as D-log being selected...
  19. FantasticMrF

    could i have some feedback on my video?

    give me some feedback please :)
  20. Domagoj

    Surveying with Mavic Pro

    Is anyone using their Mavic Pro for surveys? I see that there is DroneDeploy which I plan to test some day but it is to expensive if I am just going to use it occasionally and will not make any money from it. Are there any cheaper or free solutions? I do not need 3D model, elevations etc... I...