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  1. Yaros

    Air 2 Cala Millor, Mallorca Night Shots (Long Exposure) - with Mavic Air 2

    Hey! I have been experimenting with long exposure and smart photo during the evening/night with my Mavic Air 2! If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome! Late Evening Shots (Cala Millor & Sa Coma)
  2. R

    Mini 2 North Carolina Outer Banks - clearly a very narrow sand bank!

    While on vacation in Frisco on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago I took some photos with my Mini 2. This is my favorite. It shows how very narrow the Outer Banks are in some (many) places. Understandably, all it takes is a major storm to cut right through some of these...
  3. I

    2 Pro 2nd flight photos. Not bad for a noob? :)

    Took my new toy out for a test flight today as I learn what the hell I'm doing. I don't think they came out too bad for the first real flight. I've got a lot to learn, but this is going to be fun!
  4. hawkinsuk

    Mini Photo opportunity in The Highlands, Scotland with Mavic Mini

    We’ve just returned to Dorset in the South of England after a tour in our ageing motorhome in The Highlands, Scotland. Parked up for the night near a bridge, I had the Mini up over the water filming the bridge when a shout went up from the van next to us and, pointing to the top of a 150’ bluff...
  5. N

    Color space Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey guys! I bought the Mavic 2 Pro a while ago, and part of the reason I chose that drone was the camera quality, being a bit of a photographer. I'm really happy with the drone, I'm having a blast, and the photo quality is amazing. There's just one thing I've been wondering: what color space is...
  6. tonydeli7

    Tracks on field

    Tracks on field by Antonis Deligiannis, on Flickr A top-down photo of 3 fields that have some tractor and car tracks. The colour variation of the fields is really interesting,and almost looks like a painting.
  7. coneslayer

    Western PA Sunset

    Last night's sunset in Western Pennsylvania. Mavic Air 2, 5-shot AEB (12 MP DNG) processed as HDR in Lightroom.
  8. S

    Photos of people not great....

    Am I taking photos wrong or is the MA2 not that good at taking photos of people. Close distance there's no great issue, anything further then 7 meters or so and the noise on people is horrendous, but buildings/trees in the distance still remain clear as day. Help appreciated.
  9. tonydeli7

    Fly away

    Fly away by Antonis Deligiannis, on Flickr
  10. Astrobutch

    Sonning Bridge - Reading, Berkshire, UK

    Finally a day when I could fly the drone…no rain, moderate wind so I took it to the Thames in Sonning. River was fast flowing and high, the Thames Path was waterlogged and flooded in places so launched near the bridge. I’ll go back there soon and shoot some video. I thought I would try a bit of...
  11. MavicPilotGermany

    Mavic Mini - Vineyard Flying

    Hello Guys, i love this photo and so i like to share it with you. Made in december 2019 in a vineyard in Michelbach Germany
  12. S

    Mavic Air. low Photo And Video Quality

    Hey guys. i bought a new drone 1 week ago and i used today. and i took some photos when i come home , i downloaded photos on go 4 app, but quality is very low, how can i change photo quality?
  13. RonanCork

    Printing a photo from a Mavic Air (what dimensions of photo ?)

    Hey Guys, I've a Mavic Air and am helping out a friend by taking some aerial shots of his house - he wanted to get some printed up and then framed As you know - as regards the MA camera specs, the "effective pixels" is 12MP. I know this is maybe a broad question (and likely depends on the...
  14. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Photo Settings - Instant Improvement

    Understanding Mavic 2 Pro Photo Settings will give you Instant Improvement. In this video, I’m sharing the workflow I’m using getting the best settings for capturing great shots
  15. P

    Short Guide to Autumn Season Photo/Video Shooting

    Link Here: #Autumn# An Ode To Fall Cinematic + TIPS on Shooting this Season Hi all, I have listed some TIPS when capturing drone footage during the Fall season. The guide talks about PL filters, sensors, trees, birds and LUTS in the link above. Hopefully some of you might find useful. Thanks...
  16. M

    camera quality

    hi, i wonder what i am doing wrong, i think photos i take whit my mavic look bad, or is this normal ? i think they look blurry, i have played alot of round whit diffrent settings, resetting all of the settings and recalibrate everything
  17. A

    Mavic Air Raw Photos

    Hey there! I recently got myself a Mavic Air. I love it and it pretty much understand everything about it because I've been watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube. But there is something that I clearly don't understand. When I had the photo settings taking JPEG and transfered them to my phone...
  18. psloan

    I say the Mavic Air can take a pretty nice pic

    Bonus video --Pat
  19. R

    Drone Only Instagram profile

    Hi all together, I just wanted to share my Drone only Instagram channel and would love to see some of yours if you have any! :) REDBERG (@redberg.stephen) • Instagram photos and videos Also I got a question to NeatVideo does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am a student so 100 € is quite...
  20. heo3480

    Best PHOTO Settings

    I sometimes forget that a Mavic Air is a completely fantastic camera for taking photos. In this video, I share my best settings for Mavic Air photo menu so you're ready to take the perfect picture. This tips are more or less generic and can be applied to any of the DJI Drones. ..