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post processing

  1. heo3480

    How to edit drone footage to a beat

    In this Final Cut Pro Tutorial, I will be showing how to edit drone footage to a beat, making videos a whole lot more interesting for the viewer. I will also show you where you can get access to free music ;-) /HeO
  2. ScottishLee

    Mavic 2 Pro/ Zoom Post Processing Software

    Just to get me started, which software is generally accepted as the must-have option for beginners? Kind regards, Scottish Lee.
  3. Dr. Sybren

    Skyfill: software for filling in the sky in spherical panoramas

    Hey all! I'm sure that I'm not alone in my love for the spherical panoramas that the Mavic 2 (and maybe others as well) can shoot. For the best image quality I stitch the photos myself, but then I'm left with this black sky. If you have suffered this too, suffer no more, as I've just released...
  4. F

    stitching photos

    new mavic pro owner! new to the drone world and looking for advice for stitching photos to use with post-processing. leaning towards using "maps made easy". thoughts/reviews for "maps made easy"? does anyone recommend something different? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!
  5. PhotographerTom

    Best apps for processing photos?

    Hey me again. So I've had this Mavic Pro now for a few weeks and you guys should have warned me with how addicting this is! I have to say taking photos with 'Gods Eye' view is giving a whole new perspective of the Earth around me! The problem with all of this, is that I know have a TON of...