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  1. Aerial-Pixel

    DJI OSMO Action Pricing Released and Is Available Now!

    The DJI OSMO Action was just released! Pricing is what I expected it to be to stay competitive with GoPro. I just placed my order, right now DJI says it ships in 1 business day, I'll report back with my thoughts and comparisons.
  2. S

    Real Estate Photography Pricing

    Hello fellow Mavic Pilots - I have been asked by a local real estate agent if I'd be interested in shooting 5-7 photos with my drone of several real estate listings she is going to be putting on the market this spring. I really didn't seek out this opportunity (she was sent by a friend), so I...
  3. J

    Focus Functionality Question

    Have read a number of discussions on the Mavic Pro series REQUIRING you to tap the screen to focus the camera. Is this truly the case. AND now with the MP2Zoom, is this also the case or does the new feature of autofocus eliminate the need to take that additional step of touching the screen to...