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  1. L

    DJI Aeroscope / pilot identification

    Hey there I have some general questions about aeroscope & how DJI handles user-/device ID. If I buy a DJI drone online, does the shop/DJI know the device ID of the drone/controller? If I've activated my drone with my DJI account, but then removed it to sell it and the buyer links it to his...
  2. D

    Explanation of data stored on Mavic 2 AC internally???

    Connected a Mavic 2 Zoom to a PC via USB and DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic (current version) AC connected and I went into Log Export and then clicked on Advanced Under Advanced, there are several sections Flight Record and Sensing These appear to only go back 4 or 5 flights Navigation These...
  3. PTBperegrine

    Local Data Mode for Privacy

    FYI guys DJI Tightens Security to Ease Data Vulnerability Fears
  4. H

    DJI data share?

    I’m not doing anything dodgy but I just don’t want to share any flight data and stats with DJI as I simply don’t trust them with my data. I’m using my iPhone X to fly and was thinking of putting it in airplane mode during flights. My only problem is that as soon as the flight is over and I have...
  5. W

    WA State Drone Law, flying over private property?

    Can someone clarify for me the rules regarding flying over someones property? I understand there was some fairly strict proposed legislature about this topic, but it's unclear to me if any laws were actually passed. I'm talking about launching from my yard or a friends yard in a neighborhood and...
  6. I

    FW Update V01.04.0100 Pano, Tagging & Privacy

    Just Updated, and playing with Pano on the Mavic Pro. Impressive. Less pics taken than on the spark, but results are good. Anyone else concerned on the lack of FW Roll Back?
  7. TrayBoz

    Privacy? Are you kidding me?

    NEWSFLASH: There is a free website that's accessible to everyone in the world that has photos of your house, your backyard, your front yard, your neighborhood, your school, your pool, your car if it was parked in the driveway, and your office! It's called GOOGLE MAPS - look it up! Using...
  8. Member

    DJI Mavic privacy / backdoor

    After reading the news about the new firmware coming up which will enforce re-registering, make you accept a new privacy policy and will in long term likely force all Mavic usage out of cities, I have started the process of trying to save its current state so I would no longer be dependent on...
  9. JROK

    The Drone Privacy and Transparency Act of 2017

    On March 15, 2017, Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Representative Peter Welch (D-Vt.) introduced federal legislation entitled the Drone Privacy and Transparency Act of 2017.1 The proposed legislation seeks to address growing concerns regarding personal privacy violations anticipated by (or...